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Golden Key Dallas Regional Summit 2017

February 22, 2017


It’s that time of the year! Golden Key kicked off its Regional Summit season with its first of three arriving to the Lone Star state; Dallas, Texas from February 3rd – 4th. Attendees got to enjoy the benefits of having their conference in the largest Starwood hotel in the country, the Sheraton Dallas. This summit not only gave students, advisors and members the chance to explore the captivating city life that is Dallas, but also the opportunity to make lifelong friends over discussions on how each individual can enhance Golden Key to impact their campus communities.

The hustle and bustle started early Friday afternoon when Golden Key members started arriving. To kick off the event, Golden Key’s University of Texas at Dallas chapter organized a “photo hunt” for all attendees to participate in. The photo hunt gave everyone the chance to meet other attendees and catch a glimpse of what makes Dallas unique.

After a few hours of adventure, attendees returned to the Sheraton Dallas for the Regional Summit Welcome Session. Golden Key staff kicked off the welcome with a vibrant roll call, a recap of the year operationally and news about upcoming opportunities for all members. The Welcome Session ended with an outstanding icebreaker facilitated by Region 8 Council of Advisors representative, Kathryn Clifford (California State University, Sacramento). The activity broke down barriers for everyone in the room which resulted in not only new perspectives being brought to light, but also new friendships. The evening ended with a small thank you for Golden Key’s Advisors in the form of a reception, where advisors got to mingle with one another and reflect on the impacts they’ve made so far on their respective campus.


Golden Key attendees wasted no time on Saturday, as everyone rose early for breakfast before the show began. Once full of energy, attendees began to immerse themselves in a plethora of workshops for the next three hours. Dallas Regional Summit workshops offered an extensive variety of content this year, including topics such as Golden Key chapter best practices, detailed strategies on marketing and recruitment for student organizations, as well as the basics of what goes into running a supply chain management organization.

After a morning inspiration, attendees turned to empowerment as the Golden Key Think Tank began. The Think Tank randomly broke up attendees into 3 rooms to have genuine conversation about what Golden Key means to them and their campus, learning what all of them can to do enhance the Golden Key experience on their campus. Attendees were given a “take away” sheet to write anything that empowered them to go back to their campus and start making a difference. Once concluded, attendees went their separate ways to re-energize with a bite to eat and then met with Golden Key staff separately to discuss heir vision is for Golden Key in 2017.


As is tradition, Golden Key ended the Dallas Regional Summit in style. Attendees traveled up to the 37th floor Saturday evening to break bread with new friends at the Gala Dinner. While dressed up and looking fly, attendees brought up children’s books that were collected for the Golden Key Kiddos Camp back in Atlanta, GA. The books will be used for the summer camp in May and will significantly help to revitalize the camp’s library.

As everyone finished grabbing dessert, Golden Key welcomed its Regional Summit keynote speaker, Linda Rutherford (Texas Tech), VP of Chief Communications Officer for Southwest Airlines. Linda imparted a powerful message onto everyone in the room on the importance of effectively communicating and active listening to not only those in the work place, but in your day to day life. She ended with an impactful Q&A where she offered outstanding advice cited from her journey that led her to Southwest.

Linda Rutherford was inducted into Golden Key has an Honorary Member as a thank you for exhibiting the values of academics, leadership and service that Golden Key upholds through its mission. Once closing remarks were given by Golden Key staff, Linda’s messaged resonated as attendees continued to discuss amongst one another, recalling their own journeys and their goals for the upcoming chapters in their lives.


Golden Key’s Dallas Regional Summit was one for the history books! From sight-seeing adventures in downtown Dallas to inspiring workshops, impactful conversations and a powerful message delivered by Linda Rutherford to conclude the summit, these two days will surely be unforgettable for all who attended.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the 2017 International Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada this July! Don’t miss out! For more information, click here.

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How to Find a Local Golden Key Chapter and Get Involved

February 14, 2017

Golden Key members of the Auburn University chapter

A Golden Key membership offers many benefits – awards and scholarships, exclusive study programs, opportunities to study abroad, and more. But many members feel the opportunity to get involved with local Golden Key chapters is one of the most valuable benefits of all.


When you join a Golden Key chapter near you, you benefit from . . .

  • Professional networking opportunities
  • A chance to make a positive impact in your region or community by participating in chapter-sponsored charity and cause-related events
  • The opportunity to really get to know alumni who attended your alma mater . . . and to get to know members of other chapters in your area too
  • A chance to have fun and socialize at chapter-sponsored dinners, summer picnics, outings to sporting events, and more



Golden Key member of University of California, Los Angeles

How Can You Locate a Local Chapter?

It’s easy. Simply use the Chapter Locator that you’ll find on the Golden Key website. After entering your country, state and other geographical information, you’ll find a list of chapters in your area.  Click, contact them, join . . . and get involved.


Don’t See What You’re Looking for? Why Not Start a Chapter of Your Own!

If your college doesn’t have a chapter yet, why not be proactive and start one? CLICK HERE to find out how. The process is simple – get together with fellow alumni from your school and file an online application. Golden Key will review your application and let you know what you have to do to formalize and found a Golden Key chapter of your own.

Sounds like an opportunity that you would be smart to seize? It is. Find out more

Watch: Golden Key Members Explain Why they Love Being Members

February 9, 2017

There is nothing like learning the value of Golden Key from the members themselves – students who joined and are now getting so much from their memberships.

Here are some of the key benefits that members talk about . . .

  • The experience of looking out for other people and caring for them, thanks to Golden Key’s volunteering opportunities
  • The value of joining for a one-time low membership fee and enjoying benefits that are worth many times more
  • A sense of community and hope that comes from making things better
  • The chance to grow as both a leader and a good team member
  • The chance to make a difference in the world
  • The opportunity to build a professional and personal network that reaches across national borders
  • The opportunity to build the confidence to do anything
  • An opportunity to connect with leaders in your own university
  • The availability of travel grants to attend Summits in other cities and countries
  • A chance to connect with great mentors and advisors
  • The opportunity to be part of something for life
  • Opportunities to travel and learn about the world

Find More Videos on the Golden Key YouTube Channel

We invite you to visit the Golden Key channel on YouTube. You’ll find videos about members, Golden Key chapters, foreign study experiences, and much more. It’s a great way to learn all about Golden Key and get an inside look at the exciting benefits of being a member.

7 Reasons Why You Need an International Internship on Your Resume

January 31, 2017

13903383190_179c9e6ee2_oDoing an internship abroad takes guts and grit. An international internship demands open-minded, hard-working professionals who are up to the challenge of adjusting to a new culture while earning real-world professional experience in their industry. By pursuing an internship abroad, you’re holding yourself to a higher standard and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. The extra effort will pay off not only during your time abroad, but years after as you reap the professional benefits.

  1. You’ll have experience nobody else has

There’s something very unique about having an international internship under your belt. Many young people still hesitate when it comes to seeking international work experiences. Showing your dedication to having diverse experiences and overcoming challenges abroad will make a hiring manager realize that you’re the kind of person who brings something special to the table.

  1. Networking opportunities

Interns can develop their own network of international professionals in addition to personal contacts. As you start to make connections both at your office and at The Intern Group meetups, you will become more connected to the professionals in your industry all around the world. These kind of international connections are much harder to establish through an internship in your home country.




  1. You can build up your foreign language skills

An internship abroad presents the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in another language in a professional environment. Being proficient in a second language at the office is an incredibly useful skill to list on your resume. As our economy becomes increasingly globalized, it’s more and more important to be able to speak other languages as companies expand operations in emerging markets.

  1. Work experience in your field

An internship abroad offers a young person the chance to test out their career by interning in the field of their choice. Earning industry experience, interns hone professional skills and learn the ins and outs of their field. Leaving your internship abroad, you’ll be more skilled and plugged into your field.

  1. Real-world work experience abroad

Whether or not you’ve decided exactly what you want to do with your life, having international office experience under your belt will help boost your resume for many types of job opportunities. Having taken a risk and sought out professional experiences outside your comfort zone and in a foreign land, you’ll be seen as a gutsy, dedicated professional.

  1. You’ll have a more global perspective

The experience of going abroad causes young people to become more worldly and open-minded. They learn how the different countries around the world interact and exchange goods and ideas. Naturally, going to another country forces you to learn about the world in a new way, soaking in a new culture and working through differences. Through this kind of international exchange experience, interns develop increased acceptance of others, making for a more globally-minded, informed and tolerant person.

  1. You’ll gain office experience

Employers are seeking people who already have work experience in an office and know what it’s like to work from 9 to 5. After having completed an international internship, interns have a greater understanding of the demands of the professional world. They are better prepared to take on those responsibilities and challenges.



Golden Key is proud to partner with The Intern Group, the leading provider of international internships in London, New York, Europe, China, Australia and Latin America. As a member of Golden Key, you benefit from a 5% discount off of all programs. For more information about their programs, click here.


Three Reasons to Add Studying Abroad to Your Bucket List

January 12, 2017

Want an exciting way to enhance your personal and professional life in a short amount of time? Study abroad!

Why is studying abroad so important? If you ask Golden Key member Sherma Noble, she will tell you that “it gives one a wider perspective on other peoples’ way of life and their culture which will ultimately enrich one’s mind and understanding of a diversified world.” Sherma traveled to China last summer with the Business & Entrepreneurship delegation of the International Scholar Laureate Program (ISLP). There, not only did she trek up the Great Wall, but she also “gained knowledge about China’s customs on how to conduct business.

Like Sherma, many students have experienced the personal, academic and professional benefits of study abroad programs. Here are three reasons to add studying abroad to your academic bucket list.

  1. Studying abroad requires ingenuity, adaptability, and critical thinking skills, all of which employers seek in potential candidates.

Walking into a new culture without your basic resources (e.g., literacy, personal connections, and local familiarity) challenges you to think of creative ways to complete ordinary tasks. Suddenly a quick trip to the grocery store turns into a three-hour ordeal. You take risks each step along the way, deciding between a taxi and public transportation, asking for directions in another language, buying food you may have never seen before. Sherma attests to this by saying, “The ISLP experience encouraged me to take risks, be a better negotiator, be better in time management, be a better creative thinker, and finally, become more adaptable.”

  1. Studying abroad builds your professional and personal network.

Traveling with a group of individuals builds a unique bond as you all experience a new culture together. Sure, you can meet like-minded professionals in your hometown, but when you are working with each other not only to complete a group project but also to survive, you develop a unique bond.

Depending on the type of study abroad program, you may have direct access to experts in your field. For Sherma, “ISLP China gave me an opportunity to form lasting personal and professional connections via ISLP students, advisors, and the many business professionals across China. For that I am eternally grateful.” ISLP offers you exposure to professionals and experts in your field whom you may not have otherwise have had access to. You receive concentrated information related to your career, meet others who are passionate about pursuing their career goals, and leave with a new list of connections.

  1. Studying abroad gives you a competitive advantage in the classroom.

Would you rather read about international business from a textbook and a few Forbes articles? Or learn how to start a business overseas from established expat entrepreneurs in Shanghai? Would you like to learn about the startup industry in China from the Internet, or ask your questions directly to local CEOs from a startup incubator in Hangzhou? Studying abroad takes experiential learning to new levels and gives you an opportunity to live your learning. You learn about culture, international issues, and policy not through reading but living it.

“Some of my assumptions of China were shattered as they were replaced with new confirmed facts. Not only have I gained knowledge about Chinese customs on about how to conduct business; I also learnt about climate change, air pollution, the availability of clean water, politics, social practices and their awesome technologies as a nation.”

Imagine—in just 10 short days you can connect with knowledge and human resources that you can take with you in your future career path. It’s more than a trip for fun. It will change you. You shouldn’t leave your academic career without it.


Choose your career delegation. Select a destination. Apply now for 2017 International Scholar Laureate. The deadline to enroll is February 24, 2017.

If you have any questions or would prefer to complete enrollment over the phone, contact ISLP Office of Admissions at (800) 778-0164, email or connect with ISLP scholars on Facebook: @ScholarLaureateProgram #ScholarLaureate

Golden Key Member Profile: Patrick Mayoh

November 29, 2016

Why is a young man named Patrick Mayoh from Australia studying for his Masters in Public Policy at the Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge, MA?

There are many reasons why Patrick has made that journey, including his commitment to his country, an adventurous outlook on life, and an overriding belief that many government programs can often do a better job of delivering essential services to the people who can benefit from them.

Patrick’s career was also helped when he became a Golden Key Joan Nelson Study Abroad Scholar, which provided $5,000 to help pay for his studies at The Kennedy School. We will hear more about that award in a moment. First, let’s learn more about Patrick and how he got where he is today.

About Patrick Mayoh

PATRICK MAYOH HEADSHOT.jpgOriginally from Sydney, Patrick attended the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia’s capital city. While earning an undergraduate degree in Asian Studies, he became involved in a cultural exchange program that brought indigenous young leaders from remote areas to Sydney and Canberra for a cultural exchange program. “It opened my eyes to issues of social justice,” Patrick says.

At about that time, Patrick was invited to join Golden Key.

“I was nominated to join because I was in the top ten percent of high-achieving academic students at my university,” Patrick recalls. “I remember wondering how I could afford to pay the $100 membership fee, which was a lot of money for me at the time. But I spoke to the Golden Key Chapter President and joined.”

Patrick began to enjoy benefits from his membership, including a $250 scholarship from Golden Key that supported his participation in the outreach program for indigenous youth.

Patrick finished his undergraduate work, then earned a law degree. Then he entered the professional world and worked for several years in Beijing, Hong Kong and other cities. Yet his desire to serve his country drew him back to Australia, where he joined the Australian Foreign Service. After three years there, he applied for admission to the Kennedy School and was accepted.

He also decided to apply for Golden Key’s Joan Nelson Study Abroad Scholar Award. He won, and received $5,000 to help pay for his studies.

“It is an incredibly generous award and a real game-changer for me,” Patrick says. “It offers me the opportunity to honor Joan Nelson, who was a champion of the Golden Key community for nearly a quarter century. It is very generous support and I am extremely grateful for it. Even though I am now working two jobs to help pay my costs – graduate school is expensive – the Golden Key award frees me to focus more on my studies and I am incredibly grateful for it.”

Patrick is now researching how the Australian Federal Government can support smart city initiatives to enhance the delivery and evaluation of city services. These programs have great potential to remove obstacles to the effectiveness of government programs (reaching the people they were designed to serve) and help ensure taxpayers’ money is well-spent.


patrick-and-helenDespite the pressures of being part of an intensive program of study, Patrick finds time for other pursuits in the Boston area. He is co-captain of the Kennedy School’s soccer team, which he describes as “the greatest leadership challenge I have had yet, given the trials and selection process! Cutting friends is not easy!” Plus, he has recently become engaged to Helen Zhang – a student he met at the Australian National University. “I could not have done any of this without Helen – she continues to inspire and challenge me,” Patrick says.

After completing his Masters next year at The Kennedy School, Patrick would like to re-join the Australian Foreign Service.


“It would be great to leverage my Kennedy School experience and participation in the Australian-American Young Leadership Dialogue to support the U.S.-Australian alliance. While planning in the Foreign Service is always a risky Endeavor, a posting to the US would be ideal,” Patrick says.

The Role that Golden Key Has Played in Patrick’s Success

Would Patrick recommend Golden Key to students who might join?

“Absolutely,” he answers. “Membership offers access to a community of very talented, hardworking people who give back. There are also many scholarship opportunities. There is the great diversity of chapters. I would have absolutely no hesitation about encouraging people to join. It gives me great pride to now undertake an exciting study abroad opportunity as a Joan Nelson scholar. A big thank you to Golden Key for making this possible!”

Everyone at Golden Key congratulates Patrick Mayoh on his award and on the ground-breaking research he is conducting at The Kennedy School. We are proud to have supported him and we wish him every continued success.

Balancing College with Your Personal Life? Golden Key Has a Scholarship for You!

November 14, 2016


Are you completing your college studies while working or raising a family? If so, the GEICO Life Scholarship, administered through Golden Key International Honour Society, could be just the right scholarship for you.

The GEICO Life Scholarship offers an award of $1,000 to students like you. This year’s application deadline is December 15, 2016, so CLICK HERE to review application requirements and procedures.

In today’s post, let’s review what you need to know.

Who Is the GEICO Life Scholarship for?

The scholarship is available to Golden Key members who have maintained academic excellence while working, parenting, or supporting their families. If that describes you, you are encouraged to apply.

What Supporting Materials Do You Need to Submit?

As is the case with other Golden Key scholarships, you will need to submit your resume/CV and a current transcript from your college or university. For the GEICO Scholarship, you will also be required to provide a personal statement that describes your educational goals and any special challenges or obstacles you have overcome to achieve your academic success.

Who May Apply?

As is the case with all Golden Key scholarships, you need to be a Golden Key member. You also must be enrolled in college full time or part time working toward a baccalaureate degree, and must have a GPA of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.

When Are Applicants Informed If They Won?

Both winners and non-winners will be informed via email 120 days after December 15th, if not earlier.

More Scholarships Are Available Too . . . Some Just Right for You

Be sure to check out all the Golden Key Scholarships that are awaiting your application.  Scholarships are one of the greatest benefits of belonging to Golden Key. Don’t miss out!