Golden Key Partners 💛 Golden Key Members Welcome to your rewards preview! This all part of ‘This is the new us’ transformation we shared at our Houston 2019 Leadership Summit–and we’re are SO excited to launch your new site soon. For your rewards preview, this is what you can expect: Your lifetime membership with Golden […]

Six ways to get the most out of your summer

Summer is a glorious time of year, full of exciting possibilities. It’s time for a much-needed break, but also an opportunity to think ahead, assess your options, and prepare for the future. But it’s easy to let the weeks slip away. So how can you make sure you’re smart with your time off? Here are […]

Golden Key Spotlight: Glennetria Harold

The mission of Golden Key International Honour Society is to foster a spirit of collaboration, leadership, and service. When I began attending Golden Key meetings at the Florida State University’s chapter, I wasn’t sure of what I would get out of this membership. I thought it would be like every other Honor Society I had joined […]

Help us make a difference in Houston this July

Our goal is to not just inspire our members. We also want to find ways to help you change the world. Service projects are an important part of the daily activity of Golden Key chapters around the world, and we couldn’t be more proud. A service project will also be a key part of our […]

How doing an internship could change your future

Building a successful career is hard. There are so many decisions to make. Countless opportunities. Endless questions to ask. One of the biggest ones that many Golden Key members consider is: should I do an international internship? While it’s not the right choice for everyone, doing an internship abroad can be a life-changing experience that […]