Golden Key International Honour Society, founded on 29 November 1977, is an academic honor society which recognizes and encourages scholastic achievement and excellence among college and university students from all academic disciplines.

At Golden Key, we’re always looking for ways to encourage our members. To recognize their achievements. To help them achieve their dreams. We’re thrilled to offer a wide range of scholarships and awards exclusively for our members to assist with a wide range of purposes including further study and international travel. We want our members to reach for the stars, each and every day–and we’ll do everything we can to help them achieve it!

It’s not too late to submit your application for some of our Spring scholarships!

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that we’ve now notified the winners of the 2018 Round 2 Scholarships! Here are some of the incredibly talented and inspiring people who are being recognized in this round:

Heba Alqub
Concordia University
Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award

Farai Chikwanha
Lund University/University of Cape Town
Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award

Maram Raposo de Medeiros da Rocha
The University of Winnipeg
Golden Key Undergraduate Achievement Award

Lauren Beecher
Queensland University of Technology
Golden Key Undergraduate Achievement Award

Heather Hill
St. Mary’s University
Golden Key Advisor Professional Development Grant

Jessica Jacob
Queensland University of Technology
Joan Nelson Study Abroad Scholarship

Engy Eskandar
St. Petersburg College
Golden Key Undergraduate Achievement Award

Sukhmani Kaur
Cornell University
Joan Nelson Study Abroad Scholarship

Casey James
University of Colorado Denver
GEICO Life Scholarship

Adio Brown
Middle Tennessee State University
GEICO Life Scholarship

Courtney Broderick
The University of Texas
Golden Key Chartering Officer Scholarship

Kathryn Doolittle
University of Miami
GEICO Life Scholarship

Daniel Ruiz-Perez
Florida International University
Golden Key Research Grant

Huge congratulations to all of the winners from the entire Golden Key team. You absolutely deserve it!

If you want to be on our next list of recipients, apply for your shot at these awards here!

The deadline to apply for fall scholarships is 17th June, 2019!

About Golden Key

Golden Key is the world's largest collegiate honor society. Membership into the Society is by invitation only and applies to the top 15% of college and university sophomores, juniors and seniors, as well as top-performing graduate students in all fields of study, based solely on their academic achievements. As an international honor society with more than 400 chapters at colleges and universities around the world, Golden Key is committed to a high standard of scholastic achievement, and an ethos of integrity, innovation, respect, collaboration and diversity.