In the Spotlight: Three amazing Golden Key Scholarships that could be yours

But only if you apply by 15 December 2018!
And only if you are a Golden Key Member!  Join now.

There’s money out there for the taking! It’s just waiting to be awarded to smart, talented students like you. Imagine: Money to travel. Money to conduct research. Money to create art.

Want to hear more? Check out just 3 of the dozens of Golden Key scholarships that you should apply for today:

    • The Graduate Scholar Award sends $10,000 to members who plan to use their post-baccalaureate degree to change the world.
    • The Joan Nelson Study Abroad Scholarship awards $5,000 to Golden Key members who are planning to study abroad as part of their undergraduate program.
    • The Undergraduate Achievement Award offers $5,000 to members who personify the Golden Key values of strong academics, qualities of leadership, and commitment to service.

But to qualify for these amazing free-money scholarships, you must be a member and you must meet the 15 December 2018 deadline!

Here’s how to snag your scholarship.

    1. Join Golden Key.
    1. Pick your scholarship.
  1. Apply by 15 December 2018.


Don’t miss out! Join now. Apply for Golden Key Scholarships.

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