Are you leaving scholarship money on the table?

Question: What’s in it for me?

Answer: Scholarships!

Ask any Golden Key member to name the top three benefits of membership, and you’re likely to hear one answer over and over: scholarships. Cash money for travel and study. For graduate students and undergrads. For making dreams come true and ambitions a reality.

Golden Key members earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarship funds each year. Awards of $1,000, $5,000 or $10,000 can be yours. Join by December 15, 2018 to qualify for Golden Key scholarships being awarded in 2019.

Here’s another question: Who wins these awards?

Answer: Golden Key members throughout the world.

Check out these Golden Key legends who’ve made the most of their scholarship money. We think you’ll agree, they’re rock stars. Next round,  we want to see YOU in the spotlight.

Be in it to win it! Join Golden Key by 15 Dec 2018.

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$10,000 Scholarship Winner
Patrick McCauley
Astrophysicist and PhD Candidate
Golden Key International Honour Society Scholar


Patrick McCauley wanted to study the sun, “our amazingly beautiful star,” as he calls it. It was Patrick’s ambition to work with the world’s leading solar storm researchers at the University of Sydney, a goal that seemed almost impossible. That is, until he applied for the Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award—and won. With $10,000 in hand, Patrick enrolled in the PhD program at the prestigious Australian university. Today, he studies solar radio bursts using a Murchison Widefield Array, a massive telescope project developed at the university. Patrick is in his element and doing his part to change the world, conducting research and creating a solar storm exhibit n for the Sydney Observatory. “The sun is endlessly fascinating,” he exults. We think Golden Key members are endlessly fascinating too.

$5,000 Scholarship Winner
Patricia Hanley
Marine Biologist and Aquatic Science Tech
Golden Key International Honour Society Scholar


When it comes to lobster, Patricia Hanley can never get enough. She doesn’t eat them—she studies them. As an Aquatic Science Technician at Fisheries and Oceans Canada, an organization that safeguards Canada’s waters and fisheries, Patricia collects data and performs preliminary analyses that senior scientists rely on. With her $5,000 in cash, Patricia is doing her part to change the world.  “By studying the species in its natural habitat, I’m helping to protect Canada’s waters from the negative impact of humans and invasive species. And I’m doing it with science. How great is that? I feel like I was born to do this.”

Roundup of Winners Around the World.

Patrick and Patricia are two of the MANY members around the world who have earned the Golden Key scholarship spotlight. Here’s a list of the Golden Key members who won well-earned cash awards. Stay tuned for the list of 2018 winners.

We want to see YOU on this list, too. First step: Become a member.

Be in it to win it! Join Golden Key by 15 Dec 2018.

Join Golden Key now.

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