How Your Golden Key Membership Makes You a Top Job Applicant Today

the chosen one

“Top Employers Say Millennials Need these 4 Skills in 2017,” an article Caroline Beaton wrote for Forbes on January 6, 2017, explores the most important traits that hiring companies are looking for today. Ms. Beaton doesn’t say it in her article, but if you are a Golden Key member, you are already cultivating the skills she describes.

Employers are Looking for More than Just a College Education

Ms. Beaton writes that employers are looking for employees who have done more than just complete college courses. They want employees who have demonstrated curiosity and commitment to outside projects. Golden Key’s foreign study programs, social outreach, and other activities show potential employers that you are the kind of candidate they are looking for.


Proven skills are important to employers. Yet in a world where technology is evolving quickly, they are also looking for employees who can adapt, learn, and adjust quickly. The range of your activities in Golden Key (such as doing research at several universities and studying in other countries) demonstrates just that kind of flexibility and adaptability.

Attention, Concentration and Follow-Through

Ms. Beaton writes that many companies are having a difficult time finding candidates who can complete projects from beginning to end. But actively involved Golden Key members, who are academic achievers, shouldn’t have a hard time convincing prospective employers that they possess this needed skill. Participation in Golden Key’s community and social outreach projects can do even more to demonstrate those skills.


Ms. Beaton summarizes this trait as, “not taking yourself too seriously.” Many of the core experiences you have had through Golden Key – meeting and interacting with people from other countries and cultures, for example, and engaging in charitable work – demonstrate that you have this trait.

Are You a Member of Golden Key Yet?

If not, CLICK HERE to learn more about how a Golden Key membership can help you succeed.


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