Books For Learning

On Saturday 13 February 2016, delegates from the Golden Key Asia-Pacific Conference 2016: Be the Change collaborated with the Global Coalition for Change in Melbourne, Australia to assist with the Books for Learning Project.   Thousands of donated children’s books were cleaned, sorted into age groups and repacked to be sent to schools, kindergartens, community […]

Associate Director Spotlight – Sarah Dennis

Sarah Dennis is an Associate Director US Member Engagement at the Golden Key Headquarters here in Atlanta Georgia. Sarah will be responsible for grassroots membership communication and helping local Golden Key chapters drive awareness and launch events on campus. She oversees the US Southeast region, which include universities located in states such as Alabama, Georgia […]

It Takes A Village

What is a traditional family? According to most definitions, a traditional family is made up of a man, a woman and one or more of their biological children. However, did you know that more than 50% of children in the US do not come from or live in “traditional family” environments? This is according to […]