Service. Leadership and Academia.

Kristen DearbornWith the daily challenges the modern day college student faces, it’s always a refreshing surprise to learn of those students who overcome the odds and display what greatness is about. Kristen Dearborn; currently an English major with a 3.71 GPA, is no stranger to obstacles, nor that of success. As a struggling high school senior, Kristen participated in the Southern Connecticut State University Proof of Ability program the summer before entering college. While this was not an easy feat, Kristen’s determination enabled her to successfully complete the program and paved the way for greater success ahead.

Her undergraduate career is a clear representation of what it means to defy the odds. Not only is Kristin the President of the Golden Key International Honour Society chapter at Southern Connecticut State University, but also the recipient of the Study Abroad Academic Merit Scholarship! In addition, Kristen was recently awarded the Henry Barnard Distinguished Student Award; a scholarship awarded to 12 students within the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system. The Henry Barnard Distinguished Student Award honors those who not only serve and exemplify significant excellence in the classroom, but also in their communities. It is an absolute honor to have you a part of the Golden Key family. Way to go Kristen!

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