Golden Key Flag Football Team Wins Championship

Several Golden Key HQ employees and their friends participated in a co-ed flag football league this spring in Atlanta on Saturday’s. After winning 7 games, the team made it to the playoffs. During the playoffs, the top four teams played, and on Saturday, May 30th, the Golden Key team became the winners of the championship! Golden Key ended the season undefeated 9-0!


Top (L-R): Zac Etheridge, Kenny Irons, Mike Bradshaw, Jourdan Hamilton, Alex Quinn, Anthony Adighibe, Lenora Oeters, Derrick Brown, Kendrick Brown
Bottom (L-R): Chris Yarbrough, Hamiyda Scipio, Ashlyn Houska, Hayley Jane-Buck, Stephanie Thompson

1947977_704602390871_3866728677737526484_nThe team is made up of 7 employees (Alex, Lenora, Derrick, Kendrick, Chris, Hamiyda, and Ashlyn), 2 Golden Key honorary members (Kenny and Zac), and 5 GK friends (Mike, Jourdan, Anthony, Hayley and Stephanie).

“I had the opportunity to play on Golden Key’s first flag football team in the fall of 2011 when I first started with the society.  This was an amazing bonding experience as a team and I got to know my co-workers so much better!  Now having been on the championship team this spring 2015, I can say how proud I am to call these individuals co-workers and friends,” said Lenora.  “I’m so thankful for this opportunity provided by Golden Key and feel so lucky to work for such a fun and talented group of individuals!”

Golden Key encourages employees to participate in fun team building activities outside the office, which not only allow colleagues to bond in a social setting, but it also improves company morale. Congrats to our winning team!


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