Heting Yang Wins Golden Key’s 2015 ISLP Award

Heting_ISLPGolden Key and the International Scholar Laureate Program (ISLP) recently selected Heting Yang as the winner of the 2015 ISLP Award.  The ISLP Award covers the entire cost of tuition, valued at $3,395 USD, to attend an ISLP delegation. ISLP offers 5 career-based delegations in 5 different countries in order to provide an international career perspective for university students around the world.

Yang has chosen to attend the Business & Entrepreneurship program in Australia in the summer of 2015. Highlights of the delegation include visiting a local university in Melbourne for an overview of the business climate, attending a panel session hosted by young and successful Australian entrepreneurs, visiting 3M in Sydney to learn about product development and marketing and creating and pitching an advertising plan to top ad agencies. There will also be many cultural visits and sightseeing throughout Melbourne & Sydney such as the Sydney Opera House, the Taronga Zoo, Bondhi Beach, The Rocks and Federation Square.

“Golden Key is proud to partner with ISLP on this award. We share the goal of providing international learning opportunities to students,” said Brad Rainey, Golden Key Executive Director. “Both Golden Key and ISLP are dedicated to growing and developing our members into leaders prepared for the 21st century.”

Originally from Xi’an, China, Heting Yang is currently a third year undergraduate student obtaining a bachelor of science in actuarial and financial mathematics at the University of Pretoria in Pretoria, South Africa. Yang is involved in many academic activities at the university and is also a part of the Chinese Christian Student Society. He is also involved in his local Golden Key chapter and attended the International Summit in Boston, MA in July of 2014. Upon receiving the award, Yang said, “I am privileged and honoured to be awarded such a wonderful prize in order to finally realize my dream to participate in the International Scholar Laureate Program and to explore further into the financial field… I am proud to be part of the world’s largest collegiate honor society!”

Congratulations, Heting!

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