2014 Key Chapter Winner Highlight: University of Texas at Arlington

In continuance with our blog series on our 2013-2014 Key Chapter winners, we would like to highlight the University of Texas at Arlington chapter.

The University of Texas at Arlington chapter held a wide array of chapter events during the 2013-2014 academic year. In the fall, the chapter participated in their Senior Resident Home Visit. Chapter members brought gifts and played stimulating games with the residents of the nursing home throughout the day.Arlington1 The residents and staff were overjoyed to have the Golden Key chapter visit, and the event proved to a wonderful experience for the chapter members. In fact, the event was so successful that the chapter hosted another event the following spring! In October the chapter hosted a Job Interview and Resume Workshop in which members were given important professional development information and tips for finding a job after college. This event served as an excellent opportunity for the members to prepare for the future and develop a relationship with the university Career Center. In April the chapter hosted their Leadership Role and Responsibility Workshop where a representative from the Leadership Center gave a presentation at the during the chapter’s general meeting.  The members were educated on the different styles of leadership and ways to develop oneself as a leader.

Back in 2009, the University of Texas at Arlington chapter hosted their first ever CANstruction Food Drive. This drive is a collaborative event with other student organizations on campus participating. This past year it was announced in the university newsletter and to promote it even further, the chapter posted flyers and banners around campur with the drive dates and pick up locations.Arlington The chapter also recognized 2 prizes for participating organizations– “Best Decorated Box” and “Most Food Collected”. Three Golden Key honorary members were invited to judge the “Best Decorated Box” competition and the university’s Service Director served as the main contact for participants in the food drive. The chapter leaders, members, advisors and honorary members worked hard to make this event successful, and it showed as the CANstruction Food Drive netted 1947 pounds of canned food– three times as much food as the previous drive!

Congratulations to the University of Texas at Arlington chapter for being named a 2013-2014 Key Chapter winner!


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