2014 Key Chapter Winner Highlight: Pace University- Pleasantville

The next chapter we would like to highlight in our 2013-2014 Key Chapter Award blog series is Pace University- Pleasantville!

In April the Pace University- Pleasantville chapter created a Golden Key team to participate in Relay for Life,Pace an event held by the American Cancer Society to raise money to go towards the fight against cancer. As a team, they created a “movie basket” to be auctioned off and sold baked goods to fund raise for the non-profit organization. Thousands of dollars were raised by the Pace community, and this event served as an excellent opportunity for the Golden Key chapter alumni and honorary members to get involved with the chapter. Later on that month, chapter members volunteered at the Food Bank for Westchester– the core of the county’s emergency food distribution network. They serve more than 265 local hunger-relief programs, including food pantries, child and adult-care centers, soup kitchens and shelters. Given that 95% of the food and groceries are taken home, chapter members volunteers by packing the food for distribution to those in need.

One of the Pace University- Pleasantville chapter’s larger events was their Global Youth Service Day event at the Pleasantville Cottage School.Pace1 Home to more than one hundred children, this residential treatment center takes in children who suffer from emotional, psychological and physical problems as a result of their rough upbringing. The school creates support, structure and stability in these children’s lives– a luxury that many of these children might not have previously had. Each spring for the past nine years, the Pace University- Pleasantville Golden Key chapter has hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for the children, which includes getting the children involved in decorating the eggs, participating in an egg toss, meeting the Easter Bunny and taking part in the egg hunt. Chapter members are always inspired and excited to be a part of this incredible event, and it continues to be a success year after year!

Congratulations to the Pace University- Pleasantville chapter for being named a 2013-2014 Key Chapter Award winner!

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