Dr. Brendan Nelson Inducted As Honorary Member at The Australian National University

Director Dr.  Brenden Nelson receives Golden Key International HDirector of the Australian War Memorial, Dr. Brendan Nelson, was recently awarded with Honorary Membership in Golden Key. This accolade was presented at The Australian War Memorial by the chapter at The Australian National University, currently the highest ranked university in Australia. Dr. Nelson was nominated as an Honorary Member because of his distinguished service as Director of the Australian War Memorial and his impact in Australian Politics as former Federal Opposition Leader and former Minister for Defense.

The committee attended a small ceremony at The Australian War Memorial, where they presented the certificate to Dr. Nelson and had the chance to speak with him about his role at the iconic museum. “I am not an expert at curating museums, but there are 330 members of staff here who are,” said Dr Nelson. ‘The value I bring is that I’ve got experience in leading people, exercising judgment and working for the benefit of Australians.” Dr. Nelson spoke about the importance of the First World War in creating the Australian identity and said “it’s when foreigners visit The Australian War Memorial that they really discover the soul of our nation.”

“It was such a pleasure to be able to present Dr Nelson with an Honorary Membership and have the opportunity to talk to him,” said Nicholas Ramirez, Golden Key chapter president at The Australian National University. “He is an exemplar candidate and a great role model for our members to look up to. Throughout his professional life, Dr Nelson has embodied the three pillars of Golden Key, academics, leadership and service.”

Golden Key is thrilled to welcome such a highly regarded member of the public service as an honorary member.


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