2014 Key Chapter Winner Highlight: Ashford University

The second chapter that we would like to recognize for being awarded the prestigious Key Chapter Award for the 2013-2014 academic year is the Ashford University chapter!

During the 2013-2014 academic year, the Golden Key chapter at Ashford University hosted numerous events that benefitedAshford members and their local community. One such event was the chapter’s Leadership Summit, which brought together more than 100 chapter members, prospective members, faculty, alumni and honorary members! Five of the professors gave interactive presentations on leadership practices, and three student organization presidents held Q&A sessions for those in attendance. The chapter also hosted, in conjunction with Career Services, mock interviews where local professionals in their community participated in practice job interviews and offered feedback for future interviews.

In the October of 2013, the Ashford University Golden Key chapter worked together with the Office of Service and Leadership (OSL) Ashford1and the Student Government Association to host “Good Neighbor Day”, which was originally intended to be a day of cleaning up in the local community. The Ashford chapter wanted to participate in this event, but it was to take place on the same day as Make A Difference Day. To remedy the situation, the organizations agreed to collaborate and have a friendly challenge to see which organization could bring together the most volunteers. To bring people out, the chapter marketed the event on campus and in the residence halls by passing out flyers and creating awareness on campus. The Ashford chapter set a goal to attract 70 volunteers to participate in Good Neighbor Day/Make A Difference Day, and in the end, they brought together more than 100 volunteers!

Congratulations to the Ashford University for earning their first Key Chapter Award! We look forward to hearing about their success in the upcoming academic year!

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