Six Reasons Why Millennials are The Best Workers

In conjunction with Golden Key’s recently established partnership with Collegefeed, we would like to share an article that was shared by the founder and chief executive of Collegefeed, Sanjeev Agrawal.

In recent years, millennials have been the targets of scrutiny and animosity for a number of reasons, whether it be our lethargic approach to work, our sense of entitlement or perhaps just being self-absorbed. Many in Generation X believe that our generation is the worst group of workers in memory, but Sanjeev Agrawal thinks otherwise.

From his time as Senior Director at Cisco Systems to being Global Head of Product Marketing at Google, Sanjeev has employed hundreds of people ranging from recent college graduates to experienced professionals, and he believes that Millennials might actually be the best generation of workers, yet. Here’s why:

  1. Style of Communication

We, as Millennials, grew up in an era when distance did not affect our ability to directly communicate with others. Now we live in a time when long distance communication is so simple we can be a part of it during class lectures or at work, and we can do it without even having to open our mouths. The same cannot be said for Generation X and the Baby Boomers.

While members of older generations struggle to adapt to new services in the office, such as Basecamp, SharePoint or Yammer, Millennials have been exposed to these tools for years. As a generation, we are familiar with communicating in a one-to-many paradigm having grown up during the rise of social media. The capacity to think like this is beneficial for companies that are spread out globally and must rely on interacting in a virtual environment.

  1. Instantaneous Expectations

Many members of older generations complain about how fast the world moves and how Millennials expect everything immediately. Well, turns out this is one of our strongest assets.

While Baby Boomers and Generation X had to wait weeks for critical business documents to be delivered or spend hours researching information, our interpretation of “extensive” research would be going to the second page of Google results. Our approach to work is fast paced and responsiveness is near instantaneous resulting in a more efficient workplace.

  1. Obsession with Technology

Many industries are being forced into adopting web and mobile-first philosophies resulting in a demand for tech-savvy workers that possess skills like coding and programming. Having grown up in a technological age, many Millennials have been more exposed to these skills than older generations, thus, in turn, creating a demand for Millennials. We also have a knack for embracing new technology, as though it is some innate ability that we are born with. Whether older generations admit it or not, Millennials are the bridge to the future.

  1. Train of Thought

Without question Millennials are the most diverse generation in American history. It is expected that minorities, making up roughly one-third of the current U.S. population, will become the majority in the next thirty years. Needless to say, our generation does not just embrace diversity– we expect it.

Diversified workforces are sought after in that it translates into increased creativity, attitude and language skills, problem solving and a more global understanding. By being born into the era that we were, our understanding of society translates into the work environment, which allows for more efficient processes within companies and organizations.


To learn more about why Millennials are the best workers, check out Sanjeev’s article on the Forbes website.


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One thought on “Six Reasons Why Millennials are The Best Workers

  1. One should also consider that the younger generation is more likely to have a post-secondary education. Getting that degree usually includes our generation working part-time and paying for living expenses and tuition rates, while the older generations never had to pay as high.

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