Fall 2013 Scholarship Winners

This month we’ve announced the recipients of some of our biggest awards from fall of 2013: the Graduate Scholar Award winners ($10,000), the Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship winner ($5,000), and the Education Debt Reduction Award winners ($5,000).  Today, we’re excited to display the recipients of the remaining fall 2013 headquarters awards. These scholarships make up part of the $1,000,000 we award annually to members.

Alumni Professional Development Grant ($1,000):

  • Pamela Stover, Baylor University, United States
  • Olive Aneno, South Carolina State University, United States

Community Service Scholarship ($1,000):

  • Graham Kell, University of Southern Queensland, Australia
  • Joshua Akman, University of Maryland, United States
  • Talita Delport, University of Pretoria, South Africa
  • Orysya Svystun, University of Alberta, Canada
  • Parmanand Dasrat, The City College of New York, United States

Parmanand PD photo“I would like to express my deepest thanks to the kind people at Golden Key for selecting me for this scholarship. I am grateful for this monetary push in my college education and commend the Society for supporting students like me throughout the years. This scholarship will help to not only support me financially, but also motivate me to continue into a life of service as a physician. As a lifelong resident of New York City, I know what the value of community service is in society and how vital it is. I’ve always felt welcome into Golden Key, from day one at the New Member Recognition Event, where the chapter officers made everyone feel proud and special.”

-Parmanand Dasrat

Golden Key Research Grant ($1,000):

  • Alexandra Galindo, University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez, United States
  • Brian Squitieri, The University of Oklahoma, United States
  • Gabriel Chernitsky, The University of Winnipeg, Canada
  • Kaitlyn Enright, McGill University, Canada
  • Mathew Hamula, University of California, Santa Barbara, United States
  • Rebecca Cross, University of Wollongong, Australia
  • Song Zhang, The University of Adelaide, Australia
  • Ying Qi Winnie Li, Edith Cowan University, Australia

Ying Qi (Winnie) Li photo 350dpi“Receiving this award greatly motivates me to continue conducting research of my interest that I believe will have an impact to the society. I am currently enrolled in the Master of Science (Interdisciplinary Studies) at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia. My research involves the evaluation of novel biomarkers of health in a group of Australian adults that will have original contribution to multidisciplinary academic fields and will lead to practical use and benefits to the wider community. I am utterly thankful to the society that provide this acknowledgement and to my family and friends who support me in embarking a research journey at the very first end. Making the decision to do a research degree overseas is definitely not an easy one, but with assistance like this, it will turn out to be meaningful and rewarding.”

-Ying Qi Winnnie Li

Joan Nelson Study Abroad Scholarship ($2,500):

  • Lorin Dawson, The University of Mississippi, United States

Outstanding Alumni Award ($1,000):

  • Shanling Yu, LaTrobe University, Australia
  • Kaitlyn Bentley, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa

Colour_headshot_-_Kaitlyn_Bentley[1]“I come from a small town in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, called Port Elizabeth. Last year I had the privilege of teaching at a small school, called the Human Dignity Centre, which reaches out to the children of a local township. Due to the extreme poverty stricken conditions, many of the learners have fetal alcohol syndrome, are malnourished, etc. and therefore cannot keep up academically. There is a huge need, in not only this school, but all over South Africa, for children such as these to be assed in order to assist them. My intention is to eventually return to the Human Dignity Centre, in order to aid them with performing assessments for the children who have trouble academically in the school. This scholarship will help me towards achieving my goal of obtaining my masters in educational psychology in order to do so. I, therefore, feel very honoured to win the Outstanding Alumni Award for 2013.”

-Kaitlyn Bentley

Study Abroad Scholarship ($1,000):

  • Sarah Llewellyn, The Australian National University, Australia
  • Brandon Kwong, University of Alberta, Canada
  • Kate Poppa, La Trobe University, Australia
  • Nishtha Vashishta, University of Delhi-Lady Sri Ram College, India
  • Adam White, James Madison, United States
  • Jessie Zanutig, University of Alberta, Canada
  • Jacques van der Berg, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
  • Rose Kenyon, George Mason University, United States
  • Akinlolu Makinwa, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

GK Akin2014 Photo“I hereby wish to express my profound gratitude to the Golden Key International Honour Society for selecting me for the 2013 study abroad scholarship award. Thank you for the honour bestowed on my family, my university, my country and me. Winning this award is a confirmation of my call to contribute to the emergent and essential field of youth and family ministry, especially in Africa. It also means, to me, that Golden Key International Society recognizes the fact that all fields of study have the potential to make impact in society. This award will assist me to pursue my quest to be grounded in the study of youth and families in order to become a resource-person for prospective and practicing youth and family ministers in Africa. This award will also help me to collaborate and dialogue with fellow youth and family ministers abroad as we continue to seek effective ways to address the challenges faced by youth and families. The lessons learnt from my study abroad will also contribute to the outcome of my PhD dissertation in Youth Ministry as I seek to identify, analyze and establish the theological foundations of youth and family ministry for a good life-transforming practice.”

-Akinlolu Makinwa

QS World MBA Tour Scholarship ($5,000):

  • Natalie Hatour, University of California, Los Angeles, United States

QS World Grad Tour Scholarship ($5,000):

  • Tatevik Shaboyan, York University, Canada

Tatevik Shaboyan Photo“I feel very privileged to receive the QS World Grad Tour Award. It is a great honour to be recognized for my achievements and dedication to my chosen career path. This award will help me financially through the Doctor of Optometry Program, which is a very focused field. It requires extensive knowledge and sharp clinical skills, which are developed through four years of schooling. Receiving this award is a motivation to continue learning and refine my clinical skills, in order to provide high quality patient care. The award also brings pride to my family, friends, and community, who have supported me throughout the years. I will continue to uphold Golden Key’s pillars of Academics, Leadership, and Service, by spreading awareness of eye health and regular eye exams. This includes both local programs and international mission trips to developing countries, to provide eye-care in underserved communities around the world. I would like to extend a thank-you for this generous award, which will allow me to continue these initiatives.”

-Tatevik Shaboyan

Congratulations to the winners!

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