Global Youth Service Day 2014

In 1988, Youth Service America, an international leader in the youth service movement, came together to start Global Youth Service Day with the goal of engaging young people ages 5 to 25 years old to participate in service activities. Youth Service America wanted to target this age group because young people are not usually asked to serve so, by bringing them together to help serve their communities, this event would allow the global youth to take an early step towards a lifetime of civic engagement and social consciousness.

GYSD logo

Since service is one of the three pillars of Golden Key International Honour Society, we strongly encourage our members to participate in service activities and make a difference in their communities. In light of this, we hope that all Golden Key chapters will be advocates of Global Youth Service Day and take part in the event this year from 11-13 April. With your help, we can show the world that Golden Key members are special- that they can Stand Out, Stand Up and Stand Together!

If you are having trouble coming up with a fun service activity that your chapter would enjoy, check out our 2013 Make A Difference Day Chapter Awards blog or go to the Global Youth Service Day website. There are no limits as to which your chapter can help your community, and we implore our chapters to participate in this incredible service event! Chapter officers should register their projects on Golden Key’s website. Find out more by clicking here. Golden Key will be awarding a total of $1,000 to the most outstanding chapter initiatives. And remember to take plenty of pictures and videos of your event to share on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #GYSD!

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