Key Chapter Winner Highlight: University of California, Los Angeles

We would like to highlight the University of California, Los Angeles chapter for being named a 2012-2013 Key Chapter winner.

Throughout the 2012-2013 academic year, the University of California, Los Angeles chapter held a wide array of events to benefit both their chapter and their community, however, two of which stood out amongst the rest.University of California Los Angeles_photo1 One of these events was the chapter’s participation in Relay for Life, which is hosted by the American Cancer Society. This event plays a large role at the University of California, Los Angeles. The money raised from the event goes towards cancer research and cancer patients. Students from multiple organizations participate in the spring event each year, so much so that UCLA is the Top Collegiate Relay in California and the seventeenth largest in the nation. For the past two years, UCLA has raised over $100,000 towards the fight with cancer. This occasion has become increasingly important to the Golden Key chapter in the past couple of years. Each member raises funds for months leading up to the event, and the chapter sets up a tent with activities for the twenty-four event, which helps to promote not only cancer awareness, but also camaraderie amongst the chapter and university students.

The University of California, Los Angeles Golden Key chapter also actively participates in Pathway, which is an extension of the university.UCLA It is a two-year certificate program that offers beneficial learning environment for intellectually disabled students. The program is taught by experienced instructors, but there is also room for volunteers to assist the students. The Golden Key chapter would assist these students by volunteered to tutor them and help them with their homework. This gave members the opportunity to use their knowledge and academic success to benefit others and gain a strong sense of fulfillment by helping students who are eager to learn. Witnessing the students learn and progress has been an incredible reward for the volunteers. Volunteering has also provided a beneficial step for the Golden Key collaborate with other clubs on campus and raise awareness of the chapter.

Congratulations to the University of California, Los Angeles chapter for their incredible service initiatives and dedication to improving their community!

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