GK Member Writes Book of Poetry

essieEssie R. Morris, a resident of Harlingen, Texas, is releasing a publication of her own originally written poetry called My Poetic Pleasures.  She believes this book can serve as “food for souls of the world.” Essie is a member of Golden Key; she joined while getting her master’s degree at The University of Texas-Pan American.  She says that being a member has been very inspirational for her and said, “I owe Golden Key many thanks and hope to be a definite asset to the international organization.” Every poem in the book stems from a true experience either directly or indirectly in Essie’s life.  Essie believes that the total family, after reading these poems, will declare that poetry reading is an enjoyable treat for everyone who dares to read at least one selection.

There is a special acknowledgement to Golden Key in her book, a poem titled “My Golden Key Oath.”
Essie has shared that poem with us:

My Golden Key Oath
By Essie R. Morris
More than a  name on a roster,
Is what I aspire to be;
As I affiliate and hold membership,
In this chapter of THE GOLDEN KEY.
I promise to be an instrument,
Active as never before;
Making myself a good example,
To be admired, respected and adored.
I hope to transend all others,
With efforts sustained to endure;
The challenges to be faced as a GOLDEN KEY,
Unlocking doors for others less secure.
I envision many challenges,
Along this road I trod;
But no mountain’s too high and no river’s too wide,
To be crossed by this child of God.

Essie is almost eighty years old now, but she refuses to retire.  Her childhood was spent on a farm in North Carolina but some of her varied experiences in life range from being a high school-college teacher of Biology, chemistry, and physics; to being married to a minister and becoming the mother of their two beautiful children – Xavier Maurice and Alveta Wilette; to high school-college counselor; to school administrator; to co-editorship of the Cen-Tex Motion News Paper; to traveling nationally with Husband “Al”, as they did more than ten thousand performances all over America and were given credit by the Academy of Country Music for starting “country soul music”; to creative writing which she got into while pursuing her second masters degree from The University of Texas in Theatre Arts. All of this lead to her publishing this book.

If you are interested in purchasing her book ($25), please email Essie at essie.morris@yahoo.com.

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