Key Chapter Winner Highlight: University of New Hampshire

We would like to spotlight the University of New Hampshire chapter for being named a Key Chapter for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Of the numerous events that the University of New Hampshire chapter held, some of their more successful occasions were speaker meetings held to educate the members in different subjects.U of NH 2 During one of these speaker meetings, the chapter had the director of the university alumni center present the resources available to the members upon their graduation, as well as the importance of staying connected. In a separate speaker meeting, one of the university’s academic counselors for the Graduate School presented on the value and significance of a graduate degree. He answered questions to clarify common misconceptions of a graduate school education and handed out pamphlets to serve as a timeline so the members have an idea of the preparation needed to apply. The members, especially the juniors and seniors, found these meetings to inspiring and informative in that they learned about the benefits not typically found in generic admissions pamphlets.

Perhaps the largest event hosted by the University of New Hampshire Golden Key chapter, the Golden Talent Show is a collaborative effort with another student organization on the campus to raise money for the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation.U of NH 1 This is a non-profit organization for children and their families who are battling pediatric brain tumors. They also pair the children with high school and college athletes who provide the children with love and support. In order to raise money for the event, the chapter collected tickets, had raffle prizes and prepared baked goods. This was the first annual occurrence of the event, and the chapter found members to be more involved in this event due to the incredible meaning the event has.

Congratulations to the University of New Hampshire chapter for their hard work and effort to improve their community, as well as being named a Key Chapter!

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