GK Members Get Internships Through Dream Careers: Alexis’ Story


Golden Key International Honour Society, founded on 29 November 1977, is an academic honor society which recognizes and encourages scholastic achievement and excellence among college and university students from all academic disciplines.

This week we are sharing the experiences of four Golden Key members that participated in internship programs through our partnership with Dream Careers. On Monday, we told you about Jennifer’s experiences and yesterday we wrote about Ashley’s experiences. Dream Careers is the world’s leading internship program provider and Golden Key has partnered up with them to provide our “Global Internship Initiative.” Golden Key members that participate in a Dream Careers program get several special benefits such as $500 grant toward Dream Careers tuition (for members who enroll before December 6). If you’re interested in being placed in an internship through Dream Careers, learn all about the program and the special discounts for GK members.
AlexisNext up we are highlighting Alexis Aube-Martin, a Golden Key member at Concordia University. Originally from France, Alexis moved to Montreal, Canada to study at Concordia and joined Golden Key in September of 2012 . He is pursuing a bachelor’s of commerce degree in finance with an emphasis on real estate. Upon graduation, Alexis plans to complete a CFA Level II designation and pursue a career in Real Estate Investment.
Here is Alexis’ story:
Over the summer of 2013, I completed a two-month long internship as a research analyst at Greysteel in Washington D.C. Greysteel is a commercial real estate brokerage and a consulting company that provides a full range of transaction and advisory services to private, institutional multifamily and retail investors.
As an intern at Greysteel, I worked with the Mid-Atlantic Multi-Tenant Retail Team, and was involved in four shopping centers underwriting analysis. I had many responsibilities! Some of the notable ones include: I went through over 40 retail leases and filled up the Lease Abstracts with the creation of the Argus models as perspective; built the 10 years cash flows from operation on the Argus Valuation DCF software for over 400,000 square ft. of shopping centers; designed and improved cash flow reports; updated the sales comparables database for the monthly market reports; and more!
I appreciated that the residence was well located and that a lot of activities were organized for the participants. I did not attend any of the provided career seminars or participate in the planned weekend activities. I mostly explored the city on my own. Even though I did not participate in the weekend activities, I will recommend the program.
Alexis-quoteFor students thinking about participating, it is a great opportunity to find an internship abroad. Dream Careers selects competitive employers that will structure your internship. And, the internship coordinator will give you some feedback regarding your performance in the mid-period of the internship.
As you can see, Alexis got to work on a bunch of projects related to his field, gaining valuable experience for future employment. He also got to experience living in Washington, D.C. for the summer. Our thanks go to Alexis for letting us share his story.
Check back on tomorrow for the final highlight on a Golden Key member that participated in an internship through Dream Careers!

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