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Advice From Alumni: Part 3

April 17, 2013

We have reached out to more professionals and graduate students for advice to students who will be entering the workforce or graduate school. Check out what these alumni have to say and let us know your thoughts.

Part 3:

While I was in graduate school, I tried to read as much publications in technology or business because those two were relevant to both my coursed and my job.    I started reading trade journals and learned about things that I was able to apply on some of my courses.   So in general, I will advice students to read other publications that you might not normally read because tons of information is all over the place.

–Francis Eleazar
DePaul University, MBA 2011


Be sure that you network effectively in order to ensure that you don’t miss out on future opportunities.  Friends and acquaintances now can become future colleagues and important business connections.

–Richard D. Tomko, Ph.D.
Seton Hall University


Be willing to explore working for a small company – Benefits are you get exposed to more hands-on type of training since most small businesses use employees in more than one role.  As a small business employee you are more likely to be wearing more than one hat.

–Mark Preston Mullins
Ashford University, MBA 2010


Have patience and the right job will come. You must use your knowledge that you have gain while in school because that will be the career path that you will choose. You must think seriously about why you want to attend graduate school because the decision you make will be with you in your future endeavors.  There are many resources that will help them achieve success in graduate school. Use the library, internet and talk to others who have attended grad school and professionals that are in the field that you will be making as your career so that you will have an idea or at least have an idea of what the profession entails. Try to do volunteer work in the field to get a feel of whether or not the career choice that you have chosen is the right one. You must put yourself out there, and learn to market yourself when you are seeking employment. Always make it to your interviews on time and always be professional.

–Michelle Guy
Ashford University


If there was any advice that I would give to undergraduate students who will soon be entering the workforce or going to graduate school, it would to never give up or never give in and always keep moving forward whether that is continuing education or entering the workforce.  One should always strive for greatest and continue gaining knowledge through reading, studying, and real world application.  Become a leader in your particular field of study.  My personal opinion, because this is the path that I took, is to enter the workforce and continue education.  I am currently working on my Doctorate’s while working.  Strive for greatness and you will never be sorry or have questions of what could have been years down the road.

–Jeremy A Barker, MBA

Stay tuned to the blog for more advice coming soon.

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