New Associate Director Spotlight: Shereen Ashtiani

Next we’d like to spotlight Shereen Ashtiani.  She is the Associate Director for US Region 3. Get to know her better with this Q&A.

Where are you from? Roswell, Georgia

Where did you go to college? Valdosta State University

What did you study in school/ major in? For my undergraduate degree I got a B.S. in Psychology and my graduate degree was a M.S. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

What are some of the things you were involved in, in college? I worked at a restaurant full time while in school (Server, Training Coordinator, and Marketing Coordinator), was a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and a step coach for 2 years.

What are your hobbies? Dance, Travel, Fashion, Eating Delicious Food, Live Music

What is your favorite quote? “People have moods. People change their minds. People evolve.”

What is your favorite sport? FALCONSSSSSS!!!! Rise Up! (NFL) and Dance

What is your favorite movie, TV show and band/singer?
Movie: All – I love movies
Show: Modern Family
Band: Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet? My Parents when they were in high school/college

What is the #1 most played song on your iPod? Medicine – Grace Potter

What website or blog to you go to everyday? Pinterest

What is the best and worst gift you ever received?
Best – a one of a kind drawing from a friend – “A Fancy Lady, For a Fancy Lady”
Worst – a snake, for unclogging drains

What excites you the most about working at Golden Key? The organizational culture.

Fun Fact: I went to the Price is Right (the traveling version, not on tv – but it was still AMAZING)

Anything else we should know about you? I tend to attract attention when something is really funny… I have a very loud laugh!

You can also connect with Shereen on Facebook and Twitter!

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