2012 Society Election Results

Golden Key is pleased to announce the election results for our Society Leadership positions.

International Leadership Council (ILC)

  • President: Gene Zackerman
  • Student Member: Angelina Drew

Council of Advisors (CoA)

  • US Region 3: Lynn Hamric
  • US Region 4: *Gene Zackerman/ Jeff Fox
  • US Region 6: Dan Bumblauskas
  • US Region 9: Emily Nudge
  • Asia-Pacific: Glenda Campbell-Evans
  • South Africa: Charl Cilliers
  • Canada: Bruce Shore

*Gene Zackerman won both the election for ILC President and CoA US Region 4. He has chosen to serve in the ILC President role thereby leaving the position of US CoA for Region 4 vacant. Jeff Fox, the current CoA for Region 4, is willing to serve another term and this will be put forth to the ILC for a vote, per the GK Bylaws.

Council of Student Members (CoSM)

  • US Region 1: Safa Abdelhakim
  • US Region 2: Quoc Tran
  • US Region 3: Marisa Vinas
  • US Region 4: Holly Jackson
  • US Region 5: Nadiya Sorych
  • US Region 6: Alyssa Myers
  • US Region 7: Narayan Khatri
  • US Region 8: Michelle Glaittli
  • US Region 9: Thinn Zaw
  • US Region 10: Laura Molyneaux
  • Asia-Pacific: Trang Le
  • South Africa: Gerald Chikosi
  • Canada: Adam Mildenberger

All candidates took office on June 1, 2012, with the exception of the ILC President who will take office after International Summit.  Congratulations to all the newly elected leaders!

Learn more about our Leadership here.

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