Celebrating National Volunteer Week – Featuring the University of Hawaii at Manoa Advisory Team

This week marks National Volunteer Week in the United States.  Golden Key will be featuring some of its volunteers every day this week.

ImageThursday, April 19 Volunteer Highlight
Rouel Velasco, Sylvia Trinh, Lisa Kitagawa-Akagi, Justin Akagi – University of Hawaii at Manoa
Nominated by: Kelly Park, Executive Board Member, Treasurer of UH Manoa GK 

Rouel is an energetic and inspiring advisor who brings laughter, happiness and love into GK. He is known as a motivator, dear friend, leader and humble GK advisor at UH Manoa. During a time of challenge or stress, Rouel provides positive attitude and guides the board to work together as a team. Rouel is also involved in many other student service organizations and despite his busy schedule, he always values GK. We are thankful for his commitment and for teaching us how to build friendship and respect. “

Sylvia is a great mentor and friend to GK members. As a former GK president and general member Sylvia understands what it takes to be a GK member. With her history and experience in GK, sylvia provides guidance and help to all members. Sylvia is always driving GK UH Manoa to reach organizations that need help from student leaders.  She is an excellent role model and friend to GK.”

Lisa and Justin are such a wonderful mentors and advisors to GK UH Manoa. Despite their busy schedule and involvement with other organizations they always offer help and mentoring for GK members. Lisa is very detailed and precise. So she guides us to put in our 100% effort to every event. Justin is a very supportive advisor to GK UH Manoa. Justin  helps us maintain technical aspects of GK and provides mentoring for organizing community services.”

Kelly goes on to write … “We are very thankful to have four excellent advisors who are always willing to give great mentoring and help. I just wanted to take this time to thank them for their dedication and love.”


One thought on “Celebrating National Volunteer Week – Featuring the University of Hawaii at Manoa Advisory Team

  1. Wow, what a lovely and pleasant surprise to wake up to and come to the office to…..You guys (current UHM executive board) are truly remarkable! You really do make our jobs easier. Many thanks and thank you (kelly) for the nomination! We are truly humbled for a this recognition. Just like the proverb says, “Many hands make light work.” I’m honoured to co-advise GK with other folks who love GK as well.

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