2010 World Youth Choir

Golden Key members, Charlotte Botha and Stephan GerickCharlotte Bothae, have been chosen to represent South Africa in the 2010 World Youth Choir (WYC). This project consists of carefully selected singers from all over the world, more than 40 different nationalities and ages. Since its creation in 1989, WYC has established itself as one of the most interesting musical and intercultural experiences offered to young musicians. Each summer, the WYC comes together in a different country of the world for two weeks of rehearsals followed by tours within the host country and neighbouring countries. On these tours the WYC presents concerts in major cultural centers and prestigious concert halls to strive towards the highest, international levels of choral interpretation. This years’ choir will meet in Tenerife, Spain, 5-29 July for the 2010 seStephan Gerickession.

This project is a genuine educational and social experience drawing on many vocal traditions and aiming at the highest artistic level while constituting one of today’s most original and important choirs. The artistic scope of the project is in itself a major achievement as well as its international influence, diversity and its capacity to bring its ideals to an international stage. Still, the WYC also aims to deliver a message of understanding and social unity between all the different cultures involved and their audiences. Consequently WYC is recognized by UNESCO as an international “Artists for Peace” project as they “build bridges between young singers of diverse cultures to become respected ambassadors of good will”.


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