Theft Prevention Tips

Robbery is a crime of opportunity. Don’t give thieves an invitation.

  • Keep your doors locked. Unlocked doors give thieves the perfect opportunity.
  • If you are running inside, take your parcels with you. It is not a good idea to leave unattended items on your driveway or on the roof of your car.
  • Always keep your hand on your purse.  Never leave it open and keep valuable items like jewelry in your pocket.
  • When you are shopping don’t leave your purse/wallet unattended in a dressing room or cart.
  • At the office, store your purse/wallet out of sight. Don’t leave it sitting on or beside your desk when you’re not around and don’t leave your wallet in a coat or jacket hanging by the door.
  • If you are at a fitness club/locker room be careful of what you store in your locker and use a strong lock.
  • Your vehicle can be a target if you have packages on the seat. Keep valuables in your trunk or in the glove compartment and never leave the vehicle door unlocked, even if you are just rushing in and out of a convenience store.
  • Parties where liquor, wine, beer, or cigarette cartons are in full view are also tempting. No matter how late it is after a party, take a few extra minutes to store these items out of view.
  • When you are having a house party and the door is constantly opening and closing, tell your guests not to leave their purses by the door. It only takes a few seconds for a stranger to walk off with one.

This information has been provided by the Insurance Bureau of Canada and is brought to you by Johnson Inc. For further information or to request a quote, please contact Johnson at 1-800-563-0677.  To ensure you receive the benefits that have been negotiated on your behalf, be sure to reference your Group ID Code: KM


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