GK Members Save On Car Insurance!

Whether you are enjoying spring break, on the road to graduation or reminiscing about “The Good Ol’ Days,” you probably like saving money. GEICO and Golden Key International Honour Society are working together to help you do just that.
As a member of Golden Key you could be eligible for an additional 8% savings on top of GEICO’s already competitive rates. Visit our website to obtain your free, no-obligation rate quote today and see just how much money you can save. In the time it takes you to brew a cup of coffee, you can join the more than 28,000 Golden Key members that already have a GEICO policy.

4 thoughts on “GK Members Save On Car Insurance!

  1. I would lke to see Nationwide Auto Insurance added. Is there any chance more insurance companies will be added in the future?

    1. Geico is an amazing and supportive partner of Golden Key and its programs. Check out this page that lists the Geico Life Scholarship details, a link for their jobs and career page and a link for Golden Key members to receive a quote that will reflect the member discount that Geico offers Golden Key members.

  2. I notified Golden Key of my membership affiliation and the discount received was 1%. I guess the discount has changed since this notice was posted…

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