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Frequently Asked Questions about Golden Key Scholarships

November 16, 2018

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It’s that time of year! The time of year when we get lots of questions about the Golden Key Scholarships. Why? Because the scholarship deadline for members is quickly approaching!

Be sure to get your scholarship applications in by 15 December 2018!

Not yet a member? Well, get on it! You need to be a member to apply! Join now.

Now, about those questions! Here are the questions we get asked all the time–along with our answers.

What scholarships are available?

Golden Key offers numerous scholarships each year amounting to $500,000 (USD). To date Golden Key has granted over $12,500,000. Click here for a complete list of scholarships available to you.

Who is eligible to apply?*

Only Golden Key Members are eligible to apply.
*Region specific ‘Asia-Pacific‘ scholarships are available to Asia-Pacific chapter members only. Queries should be directed to

When can I apply?

The deadline dates vary by program. Dates for each program can be found here. Scholarships are added throughout the year, so check the listing periodically.

How can I apply?

Follow the link provided on the website to access the application and create an account or log in using your email address and password.

Are the application deadlines strict deadlines?

Yes. All scholarship applications must be submitted by the indicated postmark or application deadline. The deadline for each scholarship is listed directly to the right of the scholarship name.

Can I apply for more than one scholarship?

Yes. Golden Key members can apply for any number of scholarships each year as long as the requirements for each scholarship are met. Please review the specific scholarship guidelines for additional requirements and eligibility details.

Can I submit one application form for multiple scholarships?

No. You must fill out the application for each scholarship/award you would like to apply for.

Do I have to be an active member of my Golden Key chapter to apply for a scholarship?

Not in all cases. Some of the scholarships do factor Golden Key involvement as a selection criterion.

Do I have to be in a specific major field of study/faculty to apply for a Golden Key scholarship?

No. Golden Key scholarships are available to Golden Key members of any major field of study/faculty. The achievement awards represent certain fields of study; however, any Golden Key member can apply for these as well.

Are scholarships given at each local chapter?

In the USA/Canada, each local chapter will annually award at least one scholarship to a chapter member. These scholarships are called the Golden Key Chapter Scholarships. Local chapter leadership chooses the scholarship recipients. Factors for selection include academic accomplishments, leadership in collegiate activities and participation in extracurricular activities (including Golden Key participation, if any, work and family commitments and community service). Please contact your chapter leadership or your regional office for more information.

When does the online application process close?

All applications must be submitted online by 11:59pm CST on the deadline date. For example, if the scholarship deadline date is 1 October 2018, your application must be submitted by 11:59pm CST on 1 October 2018.

How and when will I receive notification?

  • Once winners are selected and eligibility requirements are confirmed, each winner will be notified via email by Golden Key HQ approximately 90-120 days after the scholarship deadline date.
  • Non-winner notifications will be sent by email approximately 90-120 days after the scholarship application deadline by ISTS.
  • Add to your email address book or “safe senders list” so these important emails don’t end up in your junk mail folder.
  • Do not “opt-out” of any email sent from or you may not receive vital information regarding your scholarship applications.
  • If you have any questions, email

Note: Your email address will only be used to communicate with you about your scholarship applications. We will not provide your email address to any third parties. Decisions of the selection committees are final and are not subject to appeal. No application feedback will be given.

Where and when should I send my supporting documents?

Upload your required documents online. If you do not follow the instructions exactly, your application may not be considered. Your submission must be complete by the stated deadline.

How do I know if my application is complete?

  • You may monitor your submission status on your home page at
  • Allow two weeks after uploading documents for your online status to update.
  • A status of “started” means that you have not completed or submitted the online application.
  • A status of “online submitted” means that the online portion of your application has been submitted, but any required attachments or supplements (like transcripts or recommendations) have not been verified, and your application is not yet complete.
  • A status of “complete” indicates that all required pieces of your application have been received and your application will be considered for the scholarship.

What if I need to make changes to my application?

  • You may log back into the application and make changes at any time until the deadline. After the deadline you will be able to access a read-only copy of your application; no updates or changes will be accepted after the deadline.

How will I find out the results of a scholarship?

  • Once winners are selected and eligibility requirements are confirmed, Golden Key Headquarters will notify winners via email.
  • All non-winning applicants for the award will be notified via email by ISTS. These notifications will go out 90-120 days after the deadline.
  • Past experience indicates that emails are sometimes not received or successfully delivered. Be certain to provide us with your most current email address and add and to your address book.
  • If you “opt out” of emails from ISTS, you may not receive important information regarding your application.
  • ISTS will not use your email for any purpose other than scholarship notification.

Can I receive feedback on my application if I do not win?

No. Winners are selected by an impartial selection committee comprised of experienced educators and professionals. Decisions of the selection committees are final and are not subject to appeal. Upon receipt, the application becomes the property of the scholarship sponsor, and of International Scholarship and Tuition Services, Inc., the administrator of the scholarship program, and items submitted will not be returned.

Are scholarships taxable?

Tax laws vary by country. For example, in the United States, scholarship funds used exclusively for the payment of tuition or textbooks are normally not taxable. The scholarship recipient is responsible for taxes, if any, that may be assessed against your scholarship award. We recommend consulting your tax advisor for more guidance.

Can applications be faxed or mailed to ISTS?

No. All applications for scholarships and awards using the online application process from ISTS must be submitted online. Faxed or mailed applications will not be accepted.

Program Administration

To assure complete impartiality in selection of winners and to maintain a high level of professionalism, International Scholarship and Tuition Services, Inc., a firm that specializes in managing sponsored scholarship programs, administers the program.


For additional information regarding the scholarship program, please contact ISTS by email at When emailing please include the name of the scholarship program or sponsor. For questions regarding scholarships and awards that do not require an online application through ISTS, please contact

PLEASE NOTE: Golden Key HQ will notify Scholarship winners via email 90-120 days after the deadline date. After the winners have been notified and their eligibility has been verified, non-winners will also receive an email notification from ISTS.

Are you leaving scholarship money on the table?

November 9, 2018


Question: What’s in it for me?

Answer: Scholarships!

Ask any Golden Key member to name the top three benefits of membership, and you’re likely to hear one answer over and over: scholarships. Cash money for travel and study. For graduate students and undergrads. For making dreams come true and ambitions a reality.

Golden Key members earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarship funds each year. Awards of $1,000, $5,000 or $10,000 can be yours. Join by December 15, 2018 to qualify for Golden Key scholarships being awarded in 2019.

Here’s another question: Who wins these awards?

Answer: Golden Key members throughout the world.

Check out these Golden Key legends who’ve made the most of their scholarship money. We think you’ll agree, they’re rock stars. Next round,  we want to see YOU in the spotlight.

Be in it to win it! Join Golden Key by 15 Dec 2018.

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$10,000 Scholarship Winner
Patrick McCauley
Astrophysicist and PhD Candidate
Golden Key International Honour Society Scholar


Patrick McCauley wanted to study the sun, “our amazingly beautiful star,” as he calls it. It was Patrick’s ambition to work with the world’s leading solar storm researchers at the University of Sydney, a goal that seemed almost impossible. That is, until he applied for the Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award—and won. With $10,000 in hand, Patrick enrolled in the PhD program at the prestigious Australian university. Today, he studies solar radio bursts using a Murchison Widefield Array, a massive telescope project developed at the university. Patrick is in his element and doing his part to change the world, conducting research and creating a solar storm exhibit n for the Sydney Observatory. “The sun is endlessly fascinating,” he exults. We think Golden Key members are endlessly fascinating too.

$5,000 Scholarship Winner
Patricia Hanley
Marine Biologist and Aquatic Science Tech
Golden Key International Honour Society Scholar


When it comes to lobster, Patricia Hanley can never get enough. She doesn’t eat them—she studies them. As an Aquatic Science Technician at Fisheries and Oceans Canada, an organization that safeguards Canada’s waters and fisheries, Patricia collects data and performs preliminary analyses that senior scientists rely on. With her $5,000 in cash, Patricia is doing her part to change the world.  “By studying the species in its natural habitat, I’m helping to protect Canada’s waters from the negative impact of humans and invasive species. And I’m doing it with science. How great is that? I feel like I was born to do this.”

Roundup of Winners Around the World.

Patrick and Patricia are two of the MANY members around the world who have earned the Golden Key scholarship spotlight. Here’s a list of the Golden Key members who won well-earned cash awards. Stay tuned for the list of 2018 winners.

We want to see YOU on this list, too. First step: Become a member.

Be in it to win it! Join Golden Key by 15 Dec 2018.

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Go for the Gold by 15 Dec 2018*. Here’s why.

November 9, 2018


Here’s why you should go for Gold and become a Golden Key Member.

*2018 Membership Deadline is 15 December 2018!

Did you get an invitation to join the Golden Key International Honour Society?

Congratulations and well done! That invitation is proof of your talent and achievements.

Membership in Golden Key is offered only to the top 15 percent of college and university sophomores, juniors and seniors, and top-performing graduate students in all fields of study.

So, what’s next for you?

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Here are the top three reasons for joining by 15 Dec 2018.

1- This is big. So be proud and share it.


Get the famous Golden Key badge you earned before the New Year. Join Golden Key and announce it to your professors, family, friends and future employers. It’s your mark of true excellence and performance. This really demonstrates your ongoing commitment to your academic goals, service and leadership.

2- Be first in line for the 2019 scholarship awards.

Go for Gold_Scholarships.jpg

More than  $500,000 in  scholarships are awarded to Golden Key members EVERY year. Travel, study or advance your research in your chosen field. As a member you qualify for $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000 scholarship awards. But you have to be in it to win it. Join Golden Key by 15 Dec 2018 to be in the running for the newest crop of awards for 2019.  Remember, scholarships are awarded to members only, so you must apply for membership to be eligible.

3- Expand your horizons and make a big difference in 2019. Together.

Go for Gold_Together.jpg

Tap into the amazing Golden Key network. Imagine connecting with people who share your values, motivations and dreams. Discover a global network of high performers and change makers (like you) who can make incredible things happen. This is real change, and you can be a part of the excitement. From grassroots service efforts on campus to the international Golden Key summit, join with other Golden Key members as you make a big difference–together.

Join Golden Key now to get started on the next big thing.

Take the next step to gold.

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GK Chapter Hosts Annual ‘Toasties for Tummies’ Event to Honor Nelson Mandela

August 21, 2018


To honor the legacy of Nelson Mandela, the Golden Key Chapter at Stellenbosch University (located in South Africa) worked in partnership with Matie Community Service, a non-profit organization of the university, to host the annual Toasties for Tummies event. Toasties for Tummies is an initiative that brings various organizations and stakeholders together to prepare sandwiches for various schools and organizations in and around Stellenbosch to honor Madiba’s legacy in community service.

The event was held over the course of two days (18 and 27 July 2018) in 2 different locations; the TSS on Tygerberg Campus and on the Neelsie decks in the Neelsie Student Centre.  The Tygerberg campus made 1619 sandwiches, while 8842 were made on the Stellenbosch Campus for a total of 10,461 sandwiches created. The remaining 170 loaves on the Stellenbosch Campus were donated to the Disaster Unit along with condiments such as lettuce, mayonnaise and more.

To learn more about this event, click here.


March 28, 2018


The Canadian Golden Key Leadership Summit, also known as CANCON, was held in Montreal this year February 23-25, at the Marriott Chateau Champlain. The summit was co-hosted by the Concordia University and McGill University chapters.

About 125 students, alumni, and chapter advisors came in from across Canada and the U.S. and we even welcomed one member from Australia. For those that arrived early enough on Friday, CANCON started off with a team scavenger hunt around Montreal. Groups headed off with their clue sheet in hand to explore the city and get some great pictures and videos of themselves completing the tasks to earn points for their team.


The opening session was held in the famed Caf’ Conc’ theatre in the hotel that was designed to look like the French theatres of old.


The keynote speaker on Friday night was one of the McGill chapter’s honourary members, renowned human right lawyer and former McGill University professor, Julius Grey.

In an after summit survey, one attendee wrote “I think that Julius Grey shared an important message regarding leadership, especially in terms of being afraid to speak up about ideas that might go against mainstream ideology”.

After the opening session, everyone headed out to a networking social event at Thursday’s Bistro Pub nearby. It was a short walk and fun to see the group out exploring Montreal together. The networking event was held in a section of the restaurant reserved just for our group. A special thanks to the Concordia University chapter for organizing the Friday night networking event.



Saturday morning started off with a wonderful speech from Dr. Karl Moore. Dr. Moore is a professor at McGill University and he discussed introvert and extravert characteristics in leaders. His presentation was a great start to the morning. Karl is quite an extravert himself and had a wonderful way of engaging the audience during his presentation.

One attendee wrote in a post summit survey “I absolutely loved listening to the presentation of Dr. Karl Moore. He was an energetic personality that had the attention of the room the entire hour. I found his content extremely relevant and took an immense amount of notes. I found myself actually understanding more about myself from the qualities and behaviours he addressed with an extrovert.”

We then started up the workshop sessions where attendees could choose from three options for each of the three sessions. A variety of speakers presented throughout the day including a doctor discussing med school, a McGill professor talking about how he almost became an astronaut, an etiquette specialist teaching attendees about business and culinary etiquette, a presenter working with attendees on their personal brand, the McGill chapter advisors discussing learning styles of gifted individuals, a representative from Dans La Rue which is a service organization dedicated to helping the homeless in Montreal, and many more inspiring speakers.

One attendee wrote ““My favourite moment at the 2018 CANCON Montreal Summit was the Dans La Rue workshop. It truly changed my life.”


After the workshop sessions, we all gathered again in the Caf’ Conc’ theatre for a group sharing session. The attendees formed small groups to share ideas about what works at their chapters, challenges they have come across, great service project ideas, and to connect with other chapters to possible collaborate with each other. Each group then sent up a representative up on stage to share what their group had discussed and any recommendations they had for everyone.  It was great to see so many connections made and to hear about all the wonderful events and service initiatives that the chapters are organizing across Canada and beyond.

We moved right into our closing session where Juno Award winning singer Kellylee Evans shared her story of being struck by lightning and what she has learned about herself through her long recovery. She also delighted the crowd by singing two songs on stage that had everyone captivated. She even got the GK members to sing along for part of one of the songs, which was a lot of fun. The closing session was very uplifting and Kellylee was a great speaker.

In a post summit survey, one attendee wrote “Funny, informative, touching, engaging. Couldn’t have asked for a better way to close out the weekend”. Kellylee is an honourary member of the Carleton University GK chapter.

After a little time to get ready, everyone gathered in the hotel lobby to walk over to Crescent Street where we had our big group dinner at Wienstein & Gavino’s. The food was very good and everyone seemed to have a good time chatting with each other and making more GK connections.  After dinner, some people headed out to explore the Montreal nightlife and others headed over to the Montreal Festival of Lights, an outdoor festival that was going on not too far from the summit hotel.


On Sunday morning, a number of chapters met with Golden Key’s Canadian director to go over their plans for the rest of the year. Most people heading off back home on Sunday but few stayed an extra day to further explore the wonderful city of Montreal.

Overall, the summit seemed to have been very well received by the attendees.

Some of the comments from attendees about their overall experience at CANCON:

“I really liked the emphasis on, not only allowing opportunities to network, but teaching members *how* to network. I really liked the session that explained the different ways that introverts and extroverts operate as leaders and by extension how this affects the way that they network. Not only that, the conference allowed for these two types of networking to be explored. The conference was great in giving attendees the opportunity to network both with and without guidance.”

“Being able to connect with other chapter executives and the chapter sharing session were the most useful as they allowed discussion of common chapter issues. This allowed for collaboration between chapters to discuss potential solutions to common problems.

“Excellent session content, enthusiastic participants.  Fun side-activities.”

“I found that I truly understood what Golden Key was really about this weekend. I love it.”

Congratulations to the Concordia and McGill chapter executives for helping to organize a wonderful summit. All your hard work throughout the many months of preparation is very much appreciated.

Looking forward to CANCON 2019!

For more detailed descriptions of the various speakers, please visit The CANCON 2018 information will stay up on the website for a little while.

Golden Key’s Executive Director Brad Rainey Reflects on 40 Years of Golden Key

January 9, 2018

Brad Rainey, Golden Key’s Executive Director, Reflects on What Golden Key Has Become in 40 Years . . . and What Its Future Holds

bradraineyI became involved with Golden Key within a few months of its founding in 1977 and today, I am Executive Director. Even though I devoted 35 years to building a career in real estate, I have always been intimately involved with Golden Key.  For all Golden Key’s 40 years, I have been a champion and a believer.


The Golden Key story began in 1977 but the events that led to my involvement can be traced to the fall of 1973 when I was a freshman at the University of Mississippi. It was then that I met Jim Lewis, who is rightfully recognized as Golden Key’s founder. Jim and I got to be buddies, so much so that we decided to room together our sophomore year. Even though Jim transferred to Georgia State during his sophomore year, we remained friends. And as things turned out, we worked closely together as Golden Key grew and developed.


When he was completing his senior year at Georgia State, Jim saw that there was a need for a new kind of honor society. So he talked to students, got people interested, and ultimately obtained approval from the University to invite students to join the organization that would become Golden Key. The seminal idea was to create an honor society that would extend membership invitations only to top academic achievers – students whose GPA fell within the top 15% at their schools. Jim felt that idea would resonate very well with top students, so invitations were sent out. The response was very good, and the first induction ceremony took place on November 29, 1977 at Georgia State.


Based on that response, Jim saw the he had an idea that was worth pursuing – one that would resonate at other universities as well. A woman named Mary Evans became the first secretary.  And the fledgling staff was soon joined by another student, Steve Pracht, who shared the vision for Golden Key. Things were off to a good start and Golden Key was highly successful wherever it went. Activities increased at such a pace that Steve got excited and worked for a year without taking a paycheck.  Much of the credit for the early success and growth of Golden Key should be assigned to Steve Pracht.  Steve worked full time for the Society for about 25 years and still contributes to its mission.


One reason for Golden Key’s immediate success, I believe, is that it was more ambitious in vision than other honor societies, some of which I was also involved with at the time. One of them was Phi Kappa Phi, really quite a distinguished society. Being tapped to join was, and is, quite an honor. But at that time, Phi Kappa Phi didn’t get too involved with ongoing student activities or programs. Members were nominated by faculty members. There was a very elegant induction dinner, but then not too many more things happened.


Golden Key was conceptualized in a different way. As I noted above, only students who had performed to a high academic standard – the top 15% of students – would be invited to join. That was different from being nominated by a committee that weighed a variety of factors.


Another difference, from the start, was that Golden Key would provide funding to chapters and let the students who led them control what their Chapters would do, and how they would spend their Chapter’s fund. Activities were planned and run by the Chapters, not by the governing organization. That led to some interesting developments. The founders of Golden Key didn’t at first envision it as an organization that would get extensively involved in community service. That activity was actually born in the Chapters. We discovered that when you get a group of high-achieving people together and provide them with funding and other resources, great activities begin to happen almost spontaneously. And when students are given the resources to develop activities that have meaning for them that generates a lot of enthusiasm.


From the early days, Golden Key took a portion of the membership fees received and turned right around and used them to provide scholarships for members in every Chapter. Offering scholarships and financial aid to members is a foundational activity for Golden Key. It remains a central part of our vision for supporting high achievers.


As Golden Key was expanding to new campuses, it got a certain amount of pressure from the administration at Georgia State to incorporate, to file for proper status with the IRS, and to organize a Board of Directors and be properly governed. That was in 1978. I became a Board member, and I have remained involved with Golden Key for its entire 40 years. During those years, I took on many roles, including Chair of the Board, Vice Chair of the Board, Chair of the Finance Committee, Secretary of the Board, and Chair of the Compensation Committee. But I did not actually become an employee of Golden Key until November of 2011. At that time, a search began for a new Executive Director to helm the organization. The Board asked me to watch over the activities of the staff while the search moved forward. But I was then given the opportunity to serve as Executive Director, a position that I gladly accepted. I had spent 35 years in real estate business, and assuming another leadership role at Golden Key was a natural step for me.


I have greatly enjoyed serving as Executive Director, and I am extremely proud that over the last four years alone, Golden Key has awarded millions of dollars to our members in grants and scholarships.  There have been many other activities that have made me especially proud. Over the last few years, we have placed additional emphasis on providing members with opportunities to have international experiences. We’ve been providing travel grants that have helped Golden Key members travel to countries outside their own regions to attend conferences. For example, we are providing travel grants to attend the 6 Leadership Summits that we will host in 2018 for student members in the United States, Canada, South Africa and Australia. As it has been in the past, we are deeply committed to programs that give students the opportunity to study abroad – international experience.  Golden Key is an international society and most of the credit for our presence outside of the United States is due to Mark Herndon who is currently serving the Society as Vice President – International.


I have had the opportunity to meet outstanding students from all over the world. As you know, we have operations in countries that include Australia, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, and more. I am always impressed at the caliber of our members, just incredibly moved by the stories of many of the people I have met. One is Kenechukwu Ikebuaku, a young man from Nigeria whom I first met at a conference in Australia. Thanks to his hard work and with the support of Golden Key, he first became an outstanding student. He is now in the process of launching Nigel International, an organization whose mission is to expand opportunities for young people in Africa. He is now a graduate student at the University of Texas and he is working with Onesimus Technologies, a company that helps Nigerian youth start and run their businesses. Kene is an inspiration. And a few months ago, I got to know another Golden Key member named Omarwalid Noorazada, an outstanding student and Fulbright Scholar who has traveled all over the world as a Golden Key Chapter President. It is immensely rewarding for me to be involved with so many great students who are performing at such a high level and doing outstanding things around the world.


Where do I see Golden Key going in the future? In the world environment today, I think that it is incumbent on the Honor Society to find ways to better deliver new and more extensive benefits to our members, so they become more empowered.


And the core benefits of Golden Key will remain unchanged. Members know they are part of a quality organization that will help them advance their careers, make valuable connections, and enjoy unequaled opportunities to grow and make contributions to their communities and the world.



Golden Key International Honour Society Celebrates its Fortieth Anniversary

December 7, 2017


Back in 1977, a group of students had a vision for a new kind of campus organization – an honor society that would empower high–achieving students to become future world leaders. As soon as discussions began, Golden Key began to evolve into the organization that it has become today. The philosophy was floated that students become leaders by serving others, by taking responsible roles in campus organizations, and by joining groups of like-minded, community–minded students.

The importance of scholarships and awards to help high–potential students fulfill their promise was recognized. The students drafted a constitution and bylaws and incorporated Golden Key National Honor Society as a nonprofit corporation. On November 29, 1977, more than 300 students from all fields of study, races, religions and life experiences were inducted into the first Golden Key chapter at Georgia State University.

In the earliest days of Golden Key’s development, the Board of Directors of the Society consisted primarily of student founding members. Serving at that time were James W. Lewis, Michael MacLauchlan, James G. Lewis, Brad Rainey and Alfred Simon. Brad Rainey, who serves as Golden Key’s Executive Director today, recalls that while big ideas were being discussed, something else was happening too – an organization was being born where highly ethical practices, transparency and commitment to students were already palpable. He also says that those same values still are deeply felt within the organization.

That perception is more than one leader’s opinion. It has been borne out in milestones that marked Golden Key’s 40 years of evolution . . .

Students saw Golden Key’s promise at once, and within a few months of that initial induction ceremony in November 1977, efforts began to open new chapters. By the end of 1978, six Golden Key chapters had been established at the University of Georgia, the University of Florida, and other campuses. Chapters began to engage in service projects in the communities where they were located. The Society hired its first staff people and opened its first office to organize programs of foreign study for members.

Then in 1982, the first annual national Golden Key Conference was held in Atlanta. Members connected, shared service opportunities, and the founding values of Golden Key began to resonate on a deeper level. The value of bringing together members was clear and one year later, the first annual Golden Key Regional Conference took place at Michigan State.

The value of offering financial assistance to students began to take life. By 1984, Golden Key had awarded more than $100,000 in scholarships to members. In that same year, the 50th Golden Key chapter opened at San Diego State University.

In 1985, Golden Key was able to purchase a building to house its national headquarters and a remarkable period of growth began. Corporate sponsors NCR and Peat Marwick came on board and fostered continuing growth.

In 1993, Golden Key opened chapters in Australia. New chapters were established in Malaysia, Canada and other countries and in 2000, the Society changed its name to Golden Key International Honour Society.

Success has followed success. By 2010, Golden Key reached the milestone of having 2 million members. And by 2011, the Society was annually awarding more than $1 million in scholarships to members.


Golden Key Today  

Today, Golden Key International Honour Society is a widely recognized and highly regarded collegiate honor society that prides itself on operating with integrity and transparency at over 400 colleges and universities worldwide.

Golden Key maintains offices in Australia, South Africa and the United States. Its international headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia

Golden Key International Honour Society is governed by an independently elected Board of Directors comprised of highly regarded professionals from universities, businesses and not for profits. These voluntary board members receive no compensation and are legally responsible for ensuring that the Society operates within its charter and in accordance with the various laws and regulations within the jurisdictions where Golden Key operates.

As its 40th year begins, almost 2.5 million high achieving students have joined Golden Key.  Many members are Rhodes and Fulbright Scholars. Two Governor Generals of Australia, a former Canadian Prime Minister, astronauts, university presidents and other notables such as Bill Clinton, Desmond Tutu, Bill Ford and Elie Wiesel have proudly accepted honorary membership into the Society.

“We are not resting on our accomplishments,” says Executive Director Brad Rainey. And what accomplishments they are – 40 years’ worth.

Rainey adds, “Golden Key’s values, mission, history, accomplishments, and students have built a robust platform for a bright future of supporting students as Golden Key helps to create the world leaders of the future.”


Are you eligible? Click here to find out!