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Golden Key Announces 1st Round Graduate Scholar Winners!

November 24, 2015

With academics being one of Golden Key’s pillars of excellence, we believe in the power of knowledge to transform lives and change situations for the better.  Golden Key is excited to announce  ten winners for the $10,000 USD Graduate Scholar Award.  The Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award supports members’ post-baccalaureate study at accredited universities anywhere in the world.  We are so excited to announce the winners of the 2015 Round 1 award!

The recipients (in no particular order) are:

  • Dominique Bertrand, The University at Buffalo, United States
  • Nicole Eisenberg, Indiana University, United States
  • Gustavo Eidji Camarinha Fujiwara, The University of Washington, United States
  • Evelyn Garland, The University of Maryland, United States
  • Nedrick Green, South Carolina State University, United States
  • Nina Hill, Jackson State University, United States
  • Sackeria Jackson-Hinds, Nova Southeastern University, United States
  • Lisa Parsons, The University of the Rockies, United States
  • Michael Stone, The University of Tennessee, United States
  • Ross Templeton, Walden University, United States

Congratulations again to the winners!

Interested in applying for Golden Key scholarships?  View the scholarship listings and deadlines here:

Questions? Email

Golden Key International Headquarters Staff Partners with Junior Achievement to SPARK a Change!

November 18, 2015

SPARK LOGOThis month’s featured service project highlights the Golden Key International Honour Society Headquarters staff collaborating with the Junior Achievement Center in Atlanta, Georgia.  The GK staff spent the day with over 200 Atlanta Public City School 7th graders at the Junior Achievement Discovery Center in downtown Atlanta.  The students were given real-life scenarios including an assigned job, annual salary, children and other financial expenses.  Students spent the majority of the day learning how to budget, pay bills and make real-world “adult” decisions based on their particular scenarios.  The GK staff helped guide the students through the center and taught lessons on how to make important and smart financial choices.  The GK Headquarters team can hardly wait to go back and volunteer again in 2016!

Take a look at a recap video of the project!




Golden Key Announces Partnership with Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership

November 17, 2015

GreenLeaf Center LogoATLANTA, GEORGIA: Golden Key International Honour Society has announced an official partnership with the Robert Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership. Golden Key is the world’s largest collegiate honor society, accepting only the top 15% of sophomores, juniors and seniors as well as top performing graduate students. Golden Key’s mission is to enable its members to realize their potential through the advancement of academics, leadership and service. This mission is what drove Golden Key to find a way to expand its leadership benefits to more of its members.

“In today’s collegiate world, students need to find ways to set themselves apart. They need to not only excel in the classroom, but develop their leadership skills while giving back to their communities,” said Brad Rainey, Golden Key’s Executive Director. “This new partnership will allow Golden Key members to continue to grow, develop and harness their leadership skills, while providing a real benefit to their campus and local communities.”

The Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership is an international nonprofit whose mission is to advance the awareness, understanding and practice of servant leadership by individuals and organizations. Robert Greenleaf’s vision was to have servant leadership establish more people-centered institutions and enrich the lives of individuals.

With these mission statements in mind, both organizations met to express their interests and goals. A plan was created and programming is being solidified to launch the new benefits of the collaboration. The collaboration will include various in-person leadership trainings, webinars and discounts on Greenleaf trainings and publications for Golden Key members. One of the largest benefits from the partnership is the “Train the Trainer” sessions presented by a Greenleaf representative. A group of Golden Key leaders will take part in a weekend training that will teach them to conduct leadership training sessions on their campuses. Greenleaf hopes to be able to spread its resources to campuses through Golden Key chapters.

Both nonprofit organizations are headquartered in Atlanta, GA and are members of the Georgia Center for Nonprofits. For more information about the organizations please visit and

3 Common Test Prep Mistakes from The Princeton Review

October 19, 2015

The Princeton Review has been helping students get into their top choice schools since 1981 through classroom courses, online courses and private tutoring. Today, they’d like to share some common test prep mistakes and what to do instead.

TPR_studyMistake 1 – Spending excessive time memorizing small details. Unlike typical college exams, almost all of the background information needed to answer a question is presented in front of you. The questions are not designed to test you on regurgitation of facts. Mirror this strategy in your preparation by not spending excessive time meticulously memorizing small details. Focus on reviewing fundamental concepts and creating a basic foundation of knowledge, developing a strategic game plan, honing your techniques and taking practice tests.

Mistake 2– Sacrificing prep time for extracurriculars. During the months of your preparation, it is imperative to prioritize studying above most extracurricular activities. No matter what anyone tells you, additional extracurricular involvement will rarely compensate for a lower test score – except for something like being an Olympian.

Mistake 3– Not studying efficiently. With so many practice books, exams and question banks available, preparing for a standardized exam can often be an overwhelming process. Students may spend significant amounts of time studying without corresponding increases in scores. This happens because of inefficient and oftentimes redundant review. To prevent this, make sure that every study session has a clear structure. You should deliberately focus extra time and attention on subjects you find difficult. By giving these weaker areas more work while periodically reinforcing subjects you are already comfortable with, you will see a rise in your score.

Prep with The Princeton Review and Save Up To $200. Find your test advantage and GUARANTEED better scores.Visit this page of The Princeton Review for your GOLDEN KEY promo code. Not sure where to start? Take a FREE full-length practice test without affecting your record HERE.

It’s SPARK Month!

October 5, 2015

Sparklogo-colorIt’s October! This is the one time a year that all Golden Key chapters come together under one mission and impact lives in their communities all at the same time.

SPARK a Change is only a year old, so here are some Frequently Asked Questions about SPARK Month to assist you in participating in this exciting and impactful opportunity.

SPARK Month FAQ’s:

  1. Why is it in October?
    The month of October worked the best with all of our chapters’ school schedules.
  2. Why do we need to do a SPARK project in October?
    Being a Society means we are together under one mission; we feel that harnessing the power of our members in a specific time period can create impactful change in the communities and bring our chapters together under one cause.
  3. We don’t have enough time to organize our own event this month. What should we do?
    No problem!  Google some volunteer opportunities in your community or better yet on your campus.  Team up with other organizations who have already done all the logistical planning and just need the man power. Reminder: be sure the activity aligns with literacy, education and/or real-world preparedness.  If you have questions on the appropriateness of an event email Katie Hiatt at
  4. I don’t understand SPARK a Change or SPARK month.
    There are numerous documents and helpful tools on the chapter toolkit.  Ask a chapter officer to email you the documents from the toolkit.
  5. We want to do online fundraising for our project, will that work?
    Yes!  You can create an email campaign and send this link and remind them to select “SPARK a Change”.
  6. Can I volunteer individually for SPARK month?
    Yes! Email your chapter officer after you volunteer and they can record your service hours.
  7. Is there anything I have to do after the event?
    Yes – please make sure one of the chapter officers has registered your event on the Golden Key website and you can apply for our SPARK a Change Chapter Award! Find out more here.

RMIT University Inducts Chief Executive of CPA Australia as GK Honorary Member

September 18, 2015

Alex Malley_Preferred head shot 2014The Chief Executive of CPA Australia, and author of the bestselling book ‘The Naked CEO’, Mr. Alex Malley FCPA, will be awarded honorary membership in Golden Key International Honour Society.

The accolade will be presented at Storey Hall in Melbourne on Wednesday 7 October at the RMIT University New Member Reception.

Alex Malley is the current Chief Executive of CPA Australia and head of its financial services subsidiary, CPA Australia Advice. CPA Australia is a multinational organization with 19 offices worldwide and over 150,000 members in 120 countries. He was selected because of his dedication to the industry and outstanding achievement in academia, leadership and community service which align with pillars of the Golden Key.

With his recent success in the bestselling book – ‘The Naked CEO’, and highly popular online mentoring community –, Alex shares his own life experiences and provides aspiring leaders with a guidance platform.

“As a chief executive, former academic and father, I have committed my life to encouraging and nurturing the best that a young person can be. I deeply believe there is a leader in all of us, provided we are willing to chase passion and dreams,” says Alex.

He was also invited to become a LinkedIn Influencer: one of an exclusive group of global leaders joining Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates and US President Barack Obama.

As the host of national TV series ‘The Bottom Line’, Alex frequently sheds light on leadership issues in interviews with fellow business and political leaders, benefiting the wider Australian community.

“I have admired the work of the Golden Key Society for many years now and look forward to working with it to further enhance the future for young people,” he said. “It is a great, personal privilege to be offered honorary membership and I will use it to continue my work in helping develop the next generation of leaders.”

RMIT Golden Key is equally excited with the prospect of working in partnership with Alex in future.

At the reception, Alex will deliver the keynote address and be awarded with his Golden Key Honorary Member Certificate.

How To Create a Great SPARK Event

September 9, 2015

With SPARK month just around the corner, now is the perfect time for GK chapter leaders to be finalizing their SPARK a Change event ideas and promoting it to the members and local community. Join the SPARK movement!

How to create a great SPARK event:

  1. Set up a meeting with your chapter.  You will want to get as many people on board as possible.  They will be your idea generators, volunteers and moral support.
  2. Ask the chapter members what kind of influence and focus they want to have in the community. Do they want to do one major event or a series of smaller events?  Do they only want to focus on literacy, education or real-world preparedness? Are they wanting to team up with another organization that supports the SPARK a Change mission?
  3. When you have agreed on the focus, start to brainstorm event ideas.  For example, if the chapter wants to focus on helping students prepare for standardized tests then possible events could include: test prep workshops once a month at the local elementary school or focusing on one specific classroom and offering tutoring after school the month before exams.
  4. Use the “Service Event Planning Timelines” in the Chapter Toolkit for detailed instructions for planning and carrying out the logistics of the event.
  5. Start asking for volunteers and assigning jobs.  Be sure that everyone who is assigned a job clearly understands the vision and mission of the event.
  6. Help to make sure the chapter members are staying in contact with one another as they are carrying out their assignments.  Make sure there is a place (Google doc, email, printed form) with everyones contact information so members can be in contact if they need assistance.
  7. Give clear deadlines and follow up with everyone.
  8. Register your event on the Golden Key website.
  9. Promote!  Make sure people know about your event.  Have you posted on social media?  Made flyers?  Sent out emails?  There are lots of ways to promote events.  Get creative.

Want to get involved and #SPARKaChange? Log into and click “Chapter Toolkit” in the upper right hand corner to visit the Service Toolkit with helpful guides on how to get started.

Watch our video to learn more:


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