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RMIT University Inducts Chief Executive of CPA Australia as GK Honorary Member

September 18, 2015

Alex Malley_Preferred head shot 2014The Chief Executive of CPA Australia, and author of the bestselling book ‘The Naked CEO’, Mr. Alex Malley FCPA, will be awarded honorary membership in Golden Key International Honour Society.

The accolade will be presented at Storey Hall in Melbourne on Wednesday 7 October at the RMIT University New Member Reception.

Alex Malley is the current Chief Executive of CPA Australia and head of its financial services subsidiary, CPA Australia Advice. CPA Australia is a multinational organization with 19 offices worldwide and over 150,000 members in 120 countries. He was selected because of his dedication to the industry and outstanding achievement in academia, leadership and community service which align with pillars of the Golden Key.

With his recent success in the bestselling book – ‘The Naked CEO’, and highly popular online mentoring community –, Alex shares his own life experiences and provides aspiring leaders with a guidance platform.

“As a chief executive, former academic and father, I have committed my life to encouraging and nurturing the best that a young person can be. I deeply believe there is a leader in all of us, provided we are willing to chase passion and dreams,” says Alex.

He was also invited to become a LinkedIn Influencer: one of an exclusive group of global leaders joining Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates and US President Barack Obama.

As the host of national TV series ‘The Bottom Line’, Alex frequently sheds light on leadership issues in interviews with fellow business and political leaders, benefiting the wider Australian community.

“I have admired the work of the Golden Key Society for many years now and look forward to working with it to further enhance the future for young people,” he said. “It is a great, personal privilege to be offered honorary membership and I will use it to continue my work in helping develop the next generation of leaders.”

RMIT Golden Key is equally excited with the prospect of working in partnership with Alex in future.

At the reception, Alex will deliver the keynote address and be awarded with his Golden Key Honorary Member Certificate.

How To Create a Great SPARK Event

September 9, 2015

With SPARK month just around the corner, now is the perfect time for GK chapter leaders to be finalizing their SPARK a Change event ideas and promoting it to the members and local community. Join the SPARK movement!

How to create a great SPARK event:

  1. Set up a meeting with your chapter.  You will want to get as many people on board as possible.  They will be your idea generators, volunteers and moral support.
  2. Ask the chapter members what kind of influence and focus they want to have in the community. Do they want to do one major event or a series of smaller events?  Do they only want to focus on literacy, education or real-world preparedness? Are they wanting to team up with another organization that supports the SPARK a Change mission?
  3. When you have agreed on the focus, start to brainstorm event ideas.  For example, if the chapter wants to focus on helping students prepare for standardized tests then possible events could include: test prep workshops once a month at the local elementary school or focusing on one specific classroom and offering tutoring after school the month before exams.
  4. Use the “Service Event Planning Timelines” in the Chapter Toolkit for detailed instructions for planning and carrying out the logistics of the event.
  5. Start asking for volunteers and assigning jobs.  Be sure that everyone who is assigned a job clearly understands the vision and mission of the event.
  6. Help to make sure the chapter members are staying in contact with one another as they are carrying out their assignments.  Make sure there is a place (Google doc, email, printed form) with everyones contact information so members can be in contact if they need assistance.
  7. Give clear deadlines and follow up with everyone.
  8. Register your event on the Golden Key website.
  9. Promote!  Make sure people know about your event.  Have you posted on social media?  Made flyers?  Sent out emails?  There are lots of ways to promote events.  Get creative.

Want to get involved and #SPARKaChange? Log into and click “Chapter Toolkit” in the upper right hand corner to visit the Service Toolkit with helpful guides on how to get started.

Watch our video to learn more:

SPARK a Change September 2015

September 2, 2015

SPARK Month is this October – in less than four weeks! Officers, don’t forget to register your chapter’s #SPARKaChange event! Members, please participate in impacting and improving the lives of at-risk youth!

As of 1 September, chapters have dedicated 40,007 hours, touched the lives of 39,430 people and raised $10,310 towards SPARK a Change since its launch in July 2014. These collective actions are impacting the lives of youth around the globe and helping us to reach our goal!

Follow #SPARKaChange on social media. Be sure to follow Golden Key on Facebook and Twitter as well as SPARK on Instagram for articles on the benefits of volunteering and posts featuring great SPARK events. If you think your chapter has a great event, please email your event details and pictures to:

September Featured Service Project:

This month’s featured service project is from Norfolk State University.  The chapter has a long standing project called “NSU GK’s Spark The Future Initiative.” The chapter collaborates with the Virginia Commonwealth Challenge Youth Academy’s Mentoring and Tutoring Program. The partnership has been going strong for three years. The Academy is a program that targets youth ages 16-18 who are at the greatest risk of dropping out of high school.  This program assists those students in obtaining their high school diploma or GED and preparing them for life after graduation.

Due to the success of the collaboration, the NSU chapter has been asked to merge with a new project that will help to mentor students who choose to enroll in Norfolk State University and ensure that they keep up with the academic standards with hope to help the students become inducted into Golden Key.




2015 International Summit Highlight Video

August 27, 2015

Earlier this month, we posted a recap blog detailing the happenings of our 2015 International Summit on the Gold Coast, Australia from 16-19 July. Now you can see it for yourself!

We’re excited to share a highlight video of the conference:



An Evening with Janine Allis, Founder of Boost Juice

August 17, 2015

Janine Allis of Boost Juice

On Monday 27 July 2015, Golden Key members from around Melbourne, Australia were given the opportunity to hear from incredible entrepreneur, Janine Allis, the founder of Boost Juice.

The Australian Catholic University (ACU) Golden Key chapter hosted 150 Golden Key members and alumni at their Melbourne campus, where Janine shared her personal journey and tips for success.

Janine Allis is a self-made businesswoman who took an unconventional journey to success. She opened the first Boost Juice store in Adelaide, Australia from her kitchen bench, and grew it into an international brand. Boost Juice Bars have grown to over 350 stores in 17 different countries. Janine is also part-owner of Retail Zoo, the parent company of Boost Juice, Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill, CIBO Expresso and Hatch. She is also a regular “shark” on Network Ten’s Shark Tank Australia, a reality competition TV series where aspiring entrepreneurs present business ideas to a panel of “shark” mentors.

From the get-go, Janine captivated the audience with her laid-back and witty sense of humour. She candidly revealed her journey to success, through travelling the world and working odd jobs ranging from a media assistant, to a stewardess on David Bowie’s yacht, to senior manager of a Singaporean cinema chain – Janine experienced it all! Upon returning home to Australia, and having children, she noticed a hole in the Australian fresh juice market and capitalised on the opportunity.

Despite having no formal business training, Janine’s passion helped her business grow into an international success that has made over $2 billion in global sales since its inception. Whether it be life or business, Janine emphasised the importance of choosing a partner who will always encourage and push you forward, rather than confirm your fears and hold you back. Throughout her speech, she often mentioned and credited her husband and business partner, Jeff Allis, for his support in her journey.

At the conclusion of the evening, Janine participated in a Q&A session with Golden Key members, who asked questions varying from how to start your own business, to what qualities you should look for in a partner!

ACU Golden Key would like to thank Golden Key Asia-Pacific and the Golden Key Victoria Alliance for their support and enthusiasm in hosting this successful evening with Janine Allis.

The University of Winnipeg Chapter’s Golden Future South Africa Project

August 14, 2015

Golden Future South Africa.jpgTwo Golden Key members from the University of Winnipeg, Jason Yang and Patricia Joven, recently returned from the Golden Future South Africa project in May. The project aimed at improving the lives of the youth and community members in one of South Africa’s most vulnerable communities, Khayelitsha. Launched in 2007 by the former University of Windsor Golden Key member Gary Kalaci, the organization has grown over the years and it is now partnered with various universities in Canada. The University of Winnipeg has just joined the project this year.

The executives of the Golden Key UWinnipeg Chapter first heard about this project during the Golden Key Regional Summit in 2014 where the project founder, Gary Kalaci, made a speech on community service. The UWinnipeg Chapter recognized it as a great opportunity to reach out to help the youth in need, and a great approach to promote international solidarity within their own campus. They decided to make this project one of their chapter service initiatives. And, this project fell perfectly in line with Golden Key’s SPARK a Change initiative. Launched in July 2014, SPARK a Change’s mission is to impact and improve the lives of at-risk youth (ages 0-17) through literacy, education and real-world preparedness. Through SPARK, Golden Key aims to raise $40,000, dedicate 400,000 hours of service and impact 400,000 lives in local communities & around the world by 2017. These efforts are helping Golden Key reach this goal.

Since September 2014, UWinnipeg chapter has recruited their own volunteers, and organized multiple fundraising events through the school year, including a fundraiser Gaming Night and a crowd funding website, in order to provide financial supports to the volunteers. At the same time, volunteers were trained with different modules in Life Skills, Sexual Health, Education, and Business.

In May 2015, along with another 25 volunteers from Windsor and Toronto, the UWinnipeg team travelled to South Africa to provide their services to the community of Khayelitsha. Jason and Patricia were a part of the Sexual Health team, which was focused on promoting safe sex and sexual consent in the local high schools. During the course of two weeks, Sexual Health team alone, 8 of them together, taught more than 60 classes and reached to approximately 1800 students. They were so glad to see their efforts were making small differences day by day, and they were so proud to be a part of the project representing their own school and their Golden Key chapter.


New University Relations Officer Spotlight: Christian Nabung

August 10, 2015

christian_APACWe are excited to introduce you to a new University Relations Officer that recently joined the Golden Key team! Christian Nabung is now overseeing the Eastern Australia & New Zealand chapters from our Asia-Pacific office.  Get to know him better with this Q&A.

Where did you grow up? I was born and raised in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and grew up next to the glamorous waters of Bondi Beach. My father is of Filipino and Spanish Descent whilst my mother is English. I’m a dual citizen, having both an Australian and English passport.

Where did you go to university? What did you major in? I’m currently studying at Sydney University where I’m one subject away from completing my Bachelor of Arts. I’ve always been very interested in reading, music and more broadly, popular culture. Due to this, I’m completing an English Literature and Gender studies double major. I also completed a number of music subjects within the degree ranging from performance to composition.

What are your hobbies? I love my rugby, music, reading, film, chess and interacting with as many new faces and personalities that I can! In summer, I can be found at the nearest beach or pool.

What is your favourite sport? I’m a devout Rugby Union and Cricket fan. I still play rugby on Saturdays during the winter season. Ill give just about any sport a ‘go’ and love being as active as possible.

What is your favourite movie? That’s like picking between your children! (in no particular order); The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Pulp Fiction, Shawshank Redemption, The Lion King, Gladiator, A Clockwork Orange.

Tv Show? The Simpsons and Game of Thrones.

Favourite Musicians/bands? The Smiths, Jeff Buckley, Velvet Underground, Radiohead, The Beatles, Elvis and Bowie.

Favourite Quotes?

You’re going to reap just what you sow.” Lou Reed, Perfect Day.

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” Aristotle.

What excites you the most about working at Golden Key? I’m very passionate about getting individuals to achieve to their capacity. Liaising with some of the very best University minds means that I’ll be nurturing the leaders who will inevitably be our innovators and architects of the future. This is a hugely exciting prospect for me! I also love travelling, so visiting new territories, states and countries whilst working is a dreamlike opportunity.


Welcome to GK, Christian!


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